Inspiration Tuesday: My Spirit Animal Is …

Friends, it’s possible that I am slowly slipping off the diving board into the deep end. I ask for signs and then forget. I ask for guidance and then don’t follow it. I am all over the place these days.

I was looking for inspiration so I dealt myself an Angel Card Reading. I don’t even remember when I got these cards but I figured I was in need. I read the instructions and while there was a nine-card option (that seemed complicated), I chose the three-card option.

First you shuffle the cards, then you put your hands on them and think of your intention for the reading, then you select the cards.

The first card is to represent your strength:

I drew Spiritual Support.

The second card is your blessing (this is where things got my brain all wonky):

Spirit Animal

The third and final card is your challenge:

Focus your Mind (That really sums it up don’t you think)

So I read the instruction booklet about spirit animals and it explained that I should ask the spirit animal to reveal itself to me. I closed my eyes and all I saw was darkness… you know, since my eyes were closed. Now, I can be as hippy dippy as the next person but I was troubled by this one. I was afraid if I thought too hard on it the animal that appeared would just be my own mind choosing, not so much the animal showing itself to me.

I went to bed and asked that the animal come to me in my dreams. Nothing.

So the next day I got to a friend’s house and she asked me what hawks represent. I didn’t know but it was interesting that she was on the spirit animal page too.

I told her about my card reading that was totally unprofessional and unsanctioned by anyone but me. I then said, “Universe I need a sign about my spirit animal and I need it to be blatant and apparent.”

Later that day, I was out for a walk with my husband, John, recounting the whole day’s events and about my asking the universe for a clear sign. I am sure he was either rolling his eyes or thinking, “here we go again.” Most of these shenanigans are not new for John in his life with me.

This is where my challenges really start to become clear. While telling this story and actively talking about finding my spirit animal, I stopped not once but twice and pointed out a bunny rabbit. It’s not until after passing the second one that it dawns on me.


We continue our walk and we see 3 more rabbits although John swears we saw one of them twice. OK, 4 or 5 is pretty high number, right?!

We laughed about my lack of awareness the rest of the way home. John said, whoever is sending your signs probably has his head in his hands wondering what a person has to do to get your attention!

The good news is I think I know my spirit animal, although John still swears it’s the neighborhood stray cat that I am obsessed with only because he wants nothing to do with me. That’s for another day… rabbits it is!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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