Inspiration: Where Do You Get It?

Inspiration can be an elusive experience. You never know when it’s going to arrive or when it’s going to just as quickly pack up its crystals, magic dust, good ideas and dash. I think we spend a good part of our lives looking for inspiration even though we don’t always call it that.

We are looking for the right person, right job, right book and the list goes on… forever. When we find these things or people what we often feel is inspired. Dr. Wayne Dyer called being inspired being “in spirit.” And I am guessing that the right job, person, or whatever isn’t necessarily doing anything special but they are helping us get reconnected — to spirit.
We are getting reconnected to ourselves, our God, our universe, our tribe. We all desire and need connection but we forget — all the time — and think we can go it alone.

We are in challenging times, globally and many of us personally, and what we need most is to be inspired, to be in spirit.

I think that’s why meditation, when we stick to it, helps so much. It helps us to get all the jingle jangle out of our heads so we can connect.

It’s why being out in nature is so refreshing. It’s easier to connect when there is less chatter, less noise and more real.

It’s why a good book is transformational. We are connecting with ourselves and the author in a way that we don’t in day-to-day life.

It’s why having a connected conversation with someone and only having our attention on that person and what they are saying is so nourishing. Further it’s why having someone’s attention only on what we are saying leaves us feeling nourished ourselves.

All these things bring us back to spirit, however you choose to define it.

When was the last time you were inspired? When did you last feel in spirit?

What were you doing? Who were you with? What did being connected to spirit feel like for you?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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  1. Annie says:

    The last time I was inspired was heaing you describe the difference between joy and JOY, in a Kondo-based context.


    1. G (of Lowi & G) says:

      That was a fun conversation. Glad you found it inspiring 🙂


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