Ghost Stories Part III


Some people believe that children have a stronger connection to the spirit world; that they are able to see things that adults miss or are unable to see.  Honestly, I never gave this idea any thought until my own babies seemed to “see” things that I couldn’t and the haunted happenings that occurred at my parents’ house continued.  It was as if my own connection to the supernatural had strengthened once I had children.

The shower incident had shaken me up pretty badly, so upon my next visit to Ohio I contemplated wearing garlic around my neck to ward off any spirits that might try to contact me from beyond.  I also slept with one eye open just in case I needed to make a run for it.  My friendly ghost lulled me into a false sense of security by not showing herself or alerting me to her presence for almost 10 days.  I was beginning to think she had vacated the premises altogether and then I found myself alone in the house.  My girls had once again been taking a nap in my old bedroom while I did some chores for my mom.  Once they were awake I put both of them in the crib to play together, turned on the stereo and began to vacuum the upstairs.  I finished my bedroom and went out into the hallway.  As I pushed the vacuum toward the end of the hallway it abruptly stopped working.  As I stood in the dark I suddenly realized that there was no music playing either.  I assumed the power had gone out.  As I made my way down the hallway I noticed that the bathroom light was ON!  I turned and walked into my bedroom and a cold chill coursed through my body. All the power was out to my bedroom.  The girls sat laughing in their crib oblivious to the quiet darkness surrounding them. I began flipping switches around the rest of the upstairs.  Everything was working except my bedroom, the hall light and the vacuum.  Before I could go and check the breaker box everything came back to life, including the vacuum cleaner.  I had no idea what was happening.

I slowly walked back into my bedroom to find my girls still giggling and one of them holding their arms out as if someone was going to pick them up.  They were not facing me!  Once again I was freaking out.  I called my mom and she laughed and said that obviously the power had gone out for a few minutes.  She couldn’t comprehend how only part of the house had lost and regained power without my going to the breaker box.

Comprehend it or not that is exactly what had happened!

My dad arrived home a while later and quickly assured me that my room and the hallway were indeed on the same breaker.  In fact, he laughed at me and my paranoia. I wanted him to prove it to me.  After many attempts to turn the power on and off to those areas he realized that my bedroom was on its own circuit while the hallway, bathroom and my sister’s bedroom were on a separate breaker.  So, basically he was telling me that the power had only gone out to everything that was connected to me; my bedroom and the hallway.  He wasn’t laughing anymore but he couldn’t explain what had happened. And what about that whole incident with my girls acting like someone was picking them up?  I knew that someone or rather “something” that I couldn’t see was in my bedroom, but what was it and what did they want?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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