Inspiration Tuesday: Run For Your Door

Good writing is something that really gets me fired up. That’s not to say that I am expert on the subject exactly. Some people can collect words together in such a way that it’s miraculous and obvious all at the same time.
You read sentences or paragraphs from an author and what they are saying is so resonant and true that you think, of course! And yet at the same time how they say it and the inspiration behind the words is revolutionary. Simple and seismic all at once.

How do they do it?

@glennondoyle The Sun and Her Flowers Rupi Kaur

Lowi and I routinely share these nuggets back and forth when we come across them. We rarely even talk, we just Instagram, text, or private message these things. (Much like the book share from Glennon Doyle above) Maybe that explains much of our blog… but that’s for another day.

I wonder, how do you wake up one day and these words flow through your hands, keyboard, pen, whatever your instrument of writing is?

I am continually amazed by Anne Lamott who is such a glorious author that she can routinely crank out posts on Facebook that would make those of us with mere mortal literary aspirations break out into a cold sweat if we were to create them and we surely would save them for a book because, you know, we are mortals.

But no, Anne is so bada$$ in her written tapestry weaving skills that she can throw out these little crumbs of magnificence on Facebook. It’s OK, she will make more for her books.

I know Anne has honed her craft and she didn’t wake up one morning this masterful. I know she worked/works at it but still much of her amazingness had to already be percolating and wandering around inside her body-mind, right?

For other people their entry to awe of the world is with food. They are foodies, gourmets and they find their inspiration and ethereal through creating or watching others create food and then tasting it. It’s your door. And if that’s your way in, run for it, don’t walk.

And for many more, it’s art of some medium or sort. Godspeed. Make your way to the nearest Dick Blick, Michaels or Hobby Lobby. You won’t find me there because, while I fancy myself creative, I am not a crafter nor am I crafty, except in the diabolical sense. Again, for another day.

Last week, we spent time lamenting the state of the world and all that still holds true. However, as Brené Brown says, (this probably isn’t a direct quote) innovation comes from creativity and creativity comes from being in spaces you can be vulnerable.

If we cultivate spaces where we can be open and free and accepted our creativity will come and by extension innovation will show up and greet you. There we find solutions and hope. Kindly cultivate to your own spirit and soul and who knows what will be delivered to the rest of the world through feeding your own soul’s desire.

Maybe it will be peace, world peace even. Get to it, run for your door.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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