Sages Among Us

We all have sages in our lives. Those who have walked a million miles in their shoes, others’ shoes and seem to know just the right thing to say, how to respond, and allow their words to be a salve on the soul in time that it’s most needed.
My friend Jill is like that. She’s an acupuncturist, a healer, and a good, kind person.
She’s thoughtful in how she speaks and hopeful in her approach to life.

Photo courtesy of Columbus Stories

From the first time I met Jill I felt like I’d known her forever. I couldn’t quite pinpoint if it was that she reminded me of someone else and that made me feel so comfortable with her but before too long it was clear that it was really just her.
And Jill has lived some life so don’t be fooled by her outward demeanor and think it’s all been rainbows and kittens for her.
I suppose that’s why she’s wise beyond her years. And she’s come out on the other side with kindness and goodness.

Not everyone can do that. Not everyone can find that strength. Not everyone can find their way to that kind of courage.

It’s inspiring when you find people who haven’t let life break them. They’ve instead been emboldened and empowered by it or in spite of it. The path of fire can leave you to ash or a cleansing that you didn’t know you needed. I am guessing it’s all in what you choose.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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