Inspiration Tuesday


We have decided to change up our Tuesdays and inspire you in a different way.  So, rather than writing about our weekly workouts we are going to regale you with all the things that keep us going, pick us up when we are down and overall make us better people.

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me the excerpt below from the book, Breathing Room by Leeana Tankersley.  It comes to me as I send my baby off to her sophomore year of high school and many other parents are sending their kids off to preschool, college and into their first apartments across the country.  It’s a time of transition for many.

Others are struggling to make it to the next moment because life has become so difficult.  Still others are wishing this moment away in hopes that life is greener on the other side of right now.

“Life wants to pull us into the next moment, the next moment, the next moment.  Life wants us to turn the calendar page even when our souls want to stop and commemorate what is happening now.  Life wants us to go to sleep and wake up and move on.  The calendar is not conducive to our souls.  The world is functioning in clock-time chronos, but our soul speaks God-time kairos.

My instinct is to try to stay ahead of the grief, to march forward by the beat of chronos.  I’m the kind of person who would rather “be strong” in the face of pain.  I’d rather be “doing fine, thanks” than falling apart.
But I’ve seen that the comfort does not come to those intent on coping.  The comfort arrives for those who are willing to spill open.”

Wherever you find yourself today, be still.  Be where you are. Spill open.  Reach out.  Dare to need others. Be in this moment.

Let The Sun Shine,
Lowi & G

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