Life Lesson: Be You

When you get a group of women together who are thinkers; who are perpetually returning in some way to the question: Who Am I? You find that question drives one to find answers. Sometimes the answers that you find are good for 5 years, 5 minutes or can’t even last five seconds.
Sometimes the answers are great and can be valid for a lifetime because the execution and implementation are unending.
Lowi and I are slowly coming down from the wild tumult that comes from saying to the world, “Hey we wrote a book and we want you to read it.”
Then after that comes the wave of intense fear that can only be brought on by the the possibility of criticism. The fear of your written words bringing ostracization or humiliation.
Most everyone, when we have the time to focus on it, want to live fully in our lives. We want to be multidimensional and give every part of our spirit a chance for development.

We go through these phases where we are on a good path. We are making things happen and then we get into ruts where we are not inspired, we are just getting through thy day. We are, in fact, existing. And it’s hard to retrieve yourself from these well-worn cow paths that we sometimes find we have been walking for months, years or maybe even most of our adult lives.
We get herded into these spaces through necessity, fear, life traumas and it can be hard to find our way out. In the last several months, Lowi and I have had variations of these conversations as we dared be so audacious as to think someone would want to buy a book that we wrote. It takes a little moxie and we weren’t always sure we had quite enough.
We were wondering what others are going to think of us. How they are going to perceive us and that gets mixed in with what we think of ourselves.

Yesterday, we were guided, I am sure by no accident, to Caroline McHugh and her thoughts on fully living in yourself.

She traffics in the idea that there is a “You-Shaped Hole in the Universe.”

That says so much in six words that it may take a while to unpack but ulitmately it’s about being your self and fully without comparison to others because the only one we want to be is the one we were born to be.


As Dr. Seuss would say, “there is no one you-er than you!”
During McHugh’s presentation she shows a clip of R&B Soul Singer Jill Scott that really sums it up quite perfectly. She was about to go on stage after Erykah Badu and she was asked if following her was difficult.
With poise and confidence, she returned with “Have you seen me perform?”
She explains she has embraced her Queendom just as Badu has. There is no need for comparison. There is no other Jill Scott. She knows it and she wants you to know it too.

There is no other you, either. Do you know it?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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