Big Papa Lou

In honor of Father’s Day, let’s take a little trip down the story line of our dad, Big Papa Lou.
With three daughters, he wasn’t ever much for talking but that could possibly be because he never got a chance to get a word in.
Now that we’re all grown up and out of the house he seems to have a better sense of humor and, on occasion, is a bit more chatty. Hmm, what would you attribute that to?

He shines most when he has the chance for a captive audience in a group text!

Early last week, our sister Lisa’s daughter, Ava, headed off to camp with her BFF who is also named Ava. We affectionately refer to her as Ava G. Lisa sent us all a text and photo as the Avas were about to leave for camp:

They are off to camp!!!

Big Papa Lou:

Maybe they’re just off

The camp the Avas attended is great about sending daily photos of the campers and my sister likes to refer to them as Proof of Life photos. (See, we aren’t the only ones with a sharp edge of sarcasm.)

The next day, we get this message and photo:


Proof of life day 2

Big Papa Lou:
I didn’t see a date and time stamp


As you can see our Dad is a real helper. He even questioned where Ava G was on Day 4 because she wasn’t in the photo that Lisa shared with us. Always a pot-stirrer, that Dad of ours.

Nobody is surprised by these witty little retorts as he once did a whole monologue in a group text about the care and feeding of Ava’s guinea pig, Cookie Dough and whether or not the friendly, little rodent bit his finger off. 

And just last week he bid us all a “Good Nite Jim Bob” after an evening of texting us about different excerpts of our book.

I am so glad our Dad has found a medium of communication that lets him share his best advice and input.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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