Thankful Thursday: Finding the Source of Our Humor

With Lowi on her many travels and Baby Lisa in Toronto last week there’s been lots of family group texting. But one night things got a little … interesting. We had this text exchange with our Dad but I’m not sure he even needed any responses.

We are so thankful we ended up inheriting humor from someone. It seems it may have, at least in part, been from our Dad.

The sequence went like this:


Dad: I did not know that g-pigs were carnivorous (he was caring for our niece Ava’s guinea pig, Cookie Dough)

Dad: But then I googled them and found out they are related to crocodiles
G: Can google find your finger ?
Dad: I’ll check but I think it just becomes little turds in the bottom of the cage

Dad: Yep that’s what happens
This conversation has been brought to you by Bud Light


G:  It’s becoming clearer now
Dad: I know isn’t it amazing how focused one becomes

G: I’ve heard
Dad: I have it from reliable sources that it’s better than meditation
G: Well… Desperate times
Dad: I’ll drink to that too
G: Hmmm
Dad: Now I’m thinking I should start my own blog. I didn’t know I had so much to share

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi, G and Dad

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