Moving the Bedroom Furniture … Nowhere

Please note the clutter on the chest of drawers is not mine. I hid my clutter a little better for this photo. And for those of you who are super sleuthy, yes that is a Hello Kitty alarm clock.

It’s been unseasonably warm here lately and the windows have been open most evenings. This got me thinking that maybe my bedroom is not set up in the best format possible. The headboard is partially blocking the windows and it seems for a cross breeze having the bed away from the windows would be a better fit.
Saturday afternoon I started googling the best set up for a bedroom without violating the tenets of feng shui.
Why feng shui? The last thing I need right now is bad feng shui? My juju is wrecked. My energy needs a good smudging and I still have clutter I am working on purging.
I cannot add poor feng shui to that, can I?
After much wrangling about poison arrows, views of the bed from the door, and to the door from the bed it became clear. While the organization of the room may not be ideal for the window breeze it’s best for the dynamics of the room. Which means there really isn’t any place else for the bed to go. It’s also breaking as few feng shui rules as possible and so far I can navigate the room in the dark without a headlamp or a compass.

All that googling and thinking left me with nothing. It turns out I need to leave the bedroom design well enough alone and instead get my tree-hugging husband to turn the AC on when it’s blazing hot. That leaves me with my juju and energy to contend with. Those may take a bit more than an afternoon and some smoking sage. I better get started.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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