Life Lesson: Kindness, Positivity, and Humor

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Kindness, positive vibes, and humor can go a long way regardless of the situation.  In the last few weeks I have flown across the country twice.  Air travel never disappoints in the entertainment category.  Whatever you are looking for you can find.  You want love, drama, tears, laughter, or annoyance?  The airport has got it all.

A couple of weeks ago, I took my seat only to find myself right next to a very large man in the center seat with a 4-month-old baby.  I tried to survey the situation and quickly noticed the man was sweating and appeared a little nervous.  Upon departure, the baby started crying and arching her back into my lap. The man began to sweat profusely while he tried to unsuccessfully console the sweet thing.  Since her head was mostly in my lap and the man seemed out of his league I began to gently rub the baby’s forehead.  Within seconds she began to close her eyes and within 3 minutes she was sound asleep.  You can call me the baby whisperer.  Jimmy, the baby daddy, was more than appreciative and began to introduce me to his other five kids as well as his mom and dad.  Not sure where the baby mama was, but she was definitely not present.  Jimmy confided that he had never flown with this little nugget before and wondered if the ear infection that she was diagnosed with the day before was bothering her.  Umm, yes, Jimmy.  I think there is a fairly good chance that your sweet baby’s ears hurt.

The baby cried off and on during the flight.  Some people were unhappy and annoyed.  I get it, but really what is a parent supposed to do?

Maybe it’s because I have been in his situation before, but kindness and positivity always seem like the best response.

This week, I was at the airport again.  As we were about to order, the waiter told the young couple beside us that the man who had been sitting here previously had paid for their meal.  He wanted to show his appreciation for the young serviceman.  It was so sweet and they were very touched by the stranger’s generosity.

Our travel was already looking up.  Once at the gate it appeared that things might go south.  There were four emotional support animals.  One had already pooped on the floor and two of them were barking and fighting.  Clearly, nobody was being emotionally supported at the moment.  Once on the plane it was looking like a scene from “Cheaper By the Dozen.”  There were animals, kids, and chaos galore.  It was a packed plane and enough tension in the air that you could cut it with a knife.

But as any good flight attendant knows kindness, positive vibes, and humor go a very long way with even the roughest crowds.  AS they began the pre-flight instructions the flight attendant announced that there were many people flying with a child this evening.  Bless their heart.  She then offered if anyone was flying with more than one child, drinks were on the other flight attendant.

The mood began to lighten.

She proceeded to the seatbelt and oxygen instructions.  Then she offered to those same parents:  “Please be sure to put your own oxygen on before you help your child. However, if you are traveling with more than one child who needs your help please take a close look at them and decide which one has the most potential.  For the love of God, put their oxygen on first!”

Now, we were all laughing.  Okay, not everyone.  There was that one young man who was none too pleased he had checked into his flight so late.  He was left to sit by the young mother with an infant and a toddler. The kids weren’t enthused with him either, if the truth be told.  That baby gave him her best googly eyes to no avail.

I still believe that kindness, positivity, and humor are the best antidote to any situation, but if you still can’t get your happy on, they serve alcohol onboard.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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