Thankful Thursday: Receiving Kindness

It seems the universe did not get the message when I declared that 2017 was going to be better than last year. Apparently, the universe was on another call when I made that announcement or possibly she just didn’t agree. This year has not been easy so far and recent weeks have been trying. I haven’t been running due to an annoying injury and I had to say goodbye to one of my cats three weeks ago. Two things that brought me stress relief, freedom, and happiness are no longer in my life. The running, of course, will eventually come back. The other loss I will learn to accept.

In the midst of this, I have received thoughtful cards, texts, and other messages of well wishes. It makes you feel a bit better when someone else wants you to know that your challenges matter to them as well. I am a sad enough case these days that even the non-runners feel sorry for me. And I am sure all my yoga classes are praying and chanting their little yoga hearts out that I will soon be running and stop taking it out on them with extra chaturangas (a yoga-like pushup).

That’s the process of life. Some weeks and months life goes along swimmingly and rather uneventfully. Then there are blocks of time like the one I am currently experiencing. It happens to everyone and we just have to get through it. What makes it all a little easier, a little less painful is receiving such kindness, empathy, and warmth.

In fact, we got such a heartfelt note from our vet and his staff earlier this week that it brought tears. Some of the tears were from sadness but an equal part was gratitude of someone else appreciating my cat, Parsley. Gestures like this make me feel like I am not alone. It makes me feel like these other people have been down these roads before and they must know the way out.

I’ve decided I am going to follow the trail of kindness and have faith it will lead me to the other side of this.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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