Torture Report: Back to the Ashes

(G): Just like any good David and Goliath inspired movie there has to be an underdog. A character who seems unable to rise above the challenge and succeed. Right now, I am that character. I have denied, complained, purchased contraptions and inserts, stretched, iced, had acupuncture, deep tissue massages, and rested and my foot is still not ready to run — not really.

I have run and, like always, my foot felt fine. But after I am done soreness arrives and that’s not the kind of delivery you want bestowed upon you after each and every training run. And further, it’s clear that if you can’t really run 3 miles without rebound pain, a 24-hour race of running and walking and possibly crawling isn’t the best recovery plan.

Here I am again. That place where I have to choose recovery or run; compete or convalesce; push through or not. I loathe this place. Possibly because I am here again for the second time in a few weeks. I am committed to not having a chronic injury but I am also committed to working hard and I am never averse to a little pain. It’s what Swaggy J says separates the wheat from the chaff. (Nobody knows what he’s talking about most of the time.) It seems a foregone conclusion that I will have to withdraw from my next race as well. It’s a tough call because it’s one of my favorites but that’s the price of being a grown up, I hear.

The hopeful news is that my foot is healing. It is getting better but I know, honestly, that I have to see this healing to the end— not halfway. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of torture to share in this healing and recovery process. My rehab regimen has reached absurd proportions and I don’t think I am ever more than 2 feet away from a foam roller or Yoga Tune Up ball.

So it’s back to the pile of ash for me. It’s OK, I have risen from here before and I came back stronger and I can only hope the same happens again. I am fixing my focus on recovery, cross training, stability, strength and, most importantly, to be back to racing sooner rather than later.

Now, the most important thing to share, and to leave you on a high note, is that our very own Swaggy J triumphed at a 12-hour race over the weekend. His goal was to hit 50 miles in 12 hours and he did it with about 20 minutes to spare! He had a great race strategy and executed it flawlessly. He persevered, stayed patient, and withstood the pain that comes with 50 miles.

Swaggy J closing in on 50 miles Saturday!!

(L):  Way to go Swaggy J!  We were all rooting for you and you did it and under 12 hours is amazing. Congratulations!

While I do not literally feel G’s pain, I feel her pain.  I woke up over a week ago and made the mistake of getting out of bed, walking, bending down to tie my shoes (actually I am not even sure of the exact moment) and my back went out.

I had never had back pain of any kind until a few years ago when I tried to help my pony, I mean dog, into the car.  That was my first experience with it and I immediately whined, cried, and went to the chiropractor.  It wasn’t pretty.  I spent a week on ice, doing next to nothing.  Each additional week for the next 6 weeks I went to the chiropractor, iced, stretched, and didn’t workout.

The last couple of years I have continued to have back pain off and on.  However, I could just lay off a couple of days and keep running or doing whatever I wanted and it would pass.  This last injury is reminiscent of the pony incident though.  Despite the fact that for the first few days I could barely move my leg, I haven’t done anything proactive other than ice and lay on my back.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but I haven’t had time.  And honestly, I thought it would subside.  it hasn’t.  So, now I have to get serious about my recovery.

Ironically, I ran into a friend yesterday and she shared, like G, she had been dealing with plantar fasciitis for awhile and was getting therapy to resolve the issue.  I shared with her that I had been having some back issues.  She pointed out the obvious:  I need to get going on my therapy and actually let my back recover or I will continue to have these issues.

I think the real question is, where should G and I convalesce together?  I am thinking someplace with sun, lounge chairs, acupuncture, therapy that comes to you and plenty to drink.  Water, of course.

So, this week I will be working on my back.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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