The Nature of Things

Saturday, I was a spectator at a 12-hour running event and when you have that amount of relative down time you have an opportunity to think. There is something alchemical about sitting outside in the grass, under a tree, within full view of the sun for hours.

As the miles added up for each of these runners, they eventually became walkers and then, like Phoenix, runners again. There is a nature to the process; to the unfolding.

It’s a dance of contract and release, breathe in and breathe out, push and pull. Nothing that happens is without its opposite. Every action, thought, motion has its inextricable partner. That’s not unlike how life works. Every low is only able to be measured by its corresponding high. The dark needs the light and life, sadly, needs death for there to be any meaning.

It’s the nature of things.

With each stride I witnessed, this idea began to sink in. It’s not that we don’t already know all of these things. But there is a cognitive knowing and a heart knowing and they are not even close to the same. Life has jostled me about lately and all this time in fresh air with no real task at hand seemed to help my cognitive knowing transform into more of a heart knowing.

Metamorphosis, change, transition are the nature of things and cannot be stopped, fought, or defeated. And there is beauty in their ineffable qualities just like there is beauty in a long, hard run. Words will never do them justice. Words alone will never be able to inform another of the experience. It’s the kind of fire you have to walk through on your own.

It’s the nature of things.

I woke up Sunday morning with a quiet that I haven’t had inside for a while. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, suffering is optional. One of the gateways to releasing suffering is acceptance of what is. Healing comes in waves, in stages, and in phases just like the moon.

It’s the nature of things.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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