Torture Report: Day Six and that 4-Letter Word!

(G): The sixth day s-u-c-k-s. These words came out of my mouth so many times on Sunday that it’s possible even my husband, who has saint-like patience, was ready to club me. But it doesn’t make it any less true.

As I mentioned last week, I am running six days a week and my longest run each week falls on a Sunday. And not coincidentally it’s also my sixth day in a row so I am, frankly, tired before I even get started. This week was no different except that Swaggy and I were chasing down a 5-hour run. And that length of a run in training doesn’t disappoint. It’s long, tiring, mentally taxing and … did I mentioned long?

Getting time on the pavement as our first race is off the trail.

There were ups and downs and some lower downs along the way and that’s part of why you train long so you learn to work through it. I often heard myself saying “OK” out loud as a mini-pep talk to mentally regroup after feeling like I couldn’t go on. It also helps when you are miles from the car. You really don’t have any choice but to keep moving.

Then when we were about 30 minutes from our endpoint you get sort of this weird high in your brain. You know you can drag yourself through another half hour and there’s no way you’re quitting now. Not now after all you’ve done!

Sunday, after two gels (one of which had caffeine, yay!) I found myself pushing a little harder. I wanted to finish but I have been really trying to finish these endurance days strong. Before too long Swaggy and I were winding down our final 4 minutes. I know, it seems silly but four minutes can last a really long time. Not unlike doing a plank to make you feel like time is standing still. As we rounded into our last minute Swaggy insists we run until we hit the next mile mark.

Mercifully, five hours and 23 miles were going to arrive at just about the same time, give or take a minute, which as I just said, a minute is a long time… sometimes 😃
This little montage can sum up the agony of exhaustion and the exhilaration of completion that all occurred in about 60 seconds.

Overall it was a difficult week. The time change really threw me into a wonky sleep pattern and I was already not sleeping very well anyway. That’s never a good combo when you are attempting to train hard. Although I feel like I have gotten a bit of a training reprieve in that our first race of the year has experienced some, shall we say, adjustments.

We received an email about a week ago letting us know that our 24-hour race has been changed to a 12-hour race. I feel silly saying this but I was really disappointed. During those hard training days I have had this race in mind, most especially, since it was our first of the year. And the change took a little wind out of my sails. But I have accepted it and hope that means with a 12-hour race firmly in the books that I will be that much stronger for my final appearance at Outrun 24. I say final not because I will never go back but because there are so many races that time of year that it’s time to give up a spot to someone who’s never gotten into this great event and try something else. So 2017 is my last hurrah for a while at O24. I hope I can go out with a big number! This race will always hold a special place in my heart as it’s where we all celebrated my 40th birthday and hit the big 5-0 in miles for the first time ever!

That race and milestone was/is a big one for me. I learned so much working toward that point and have continued to learn since then.

The training will continue on with One Day for the KIA (or half day since it’s only 12 hours now) just shy of 3 weeks away but we are through the toughest parts for now. The training, while still hard, is starting that fun descent toward event day! It’s kind of like when you get to the very top of the first hill on a roller coaster. There is so much excitement, adrenaline and fear that you can’t decide if you are going to scream, laugh, or throw up! C’mon, you know what I mean.

Until next week, click, click, click up the coaster.

(L):  I love when G writes her torture report before me so I can read about all of the crazy running, and quite frankly torture, she has put herself through in the last 7 days.  She never disappoints.  She is a rockstar by any definition and I bow to her discipline and weekly achievements.  In fact, I wish she would infuse a little of that determination into my veins.

Thank you for the reminder though that we did run 50 miles. When I am struggling to stay in the game it’s a good motivator to keep going.

Last week I told you I was doing a little fat-blasting running challenge on the treadmill and I am still working on it.  Again, I love when I speak in terms of which minute was difficult for me and G talks about which  hour was the most challenging.  To say we are in different spots is an understatement. However, my running challenge is getting just a wee bit easier this week. There are still those peak minutes that threaten to take me down, but I am showing that treadmill who is boss!

The main story for me this week though is that dirty, four-letter word called diet.  I actually hate to even use that word because what I began last week is what most people would call clean, healthy eating.  Basically, I am having lots of protein, very little carbs, lots of H2O and now at day 7 a little more energy.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been a tough week.  At one point my teenager put scones, muffins, crackers and spaghetti in my grocery cart.  I have spent the last 5 days staring at those scones and muffins on my counter wishing that the dogs would eat them. Then on Saturday night she ordered pizza while we were gone.  We came home to breadsticks and pizza in the refrigerator and who doesn’t want to eat cold pizza on a Saturday night while watching SNL?  Not me.

It does help that my hubby has also jumped on the health wagon so we are in it together.  We do have some differing ideas about how to go about this little endeavor which just make it more interesting.  We are going on vacation exactly 4 months from today and our goal is to be fit, fabulous and 47.  Well, at least we will be 47…

We will keep you posted on our progress.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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