Torture Report: Three Words


(G): The week can be summed up in three words:
Shoes — Recovery — Re-Entry

Last week, I left you on what I can only imagine was a cliffhanger, spellbound wondering what will happen next in my adventure of training. Oh, you mean you don’t even remember last week’s blog? You have your own life?

My mistake. Let me give you the Cliff’s Note version.

img_6804 img_6805

The Shoes
Last Tuesday, my most pressing issue was my foot pain and the need for soft and well-cushioned shoes.
I didn’t have to do too much research on this as I live with another runner who is all about cushioned, chunky, highly structured shoes.
He’s a Hoka One One fan and has been for years. (He also loves Altras if you are looking for suggestions) The first time he got a pair he was quoted as saying, “It’s like running on marshmallows!”

You may be wondering who quoted him. Well, when you have two former journalists living together, we take this quoting business seriously.
Anyway, he was right. It is like running on marshmallows and they are slowly resolving my issues.
It worked out well to get new shoes on a recovery week and to rest a pain that felt like it had what it took to become a full-blown injury. I hate it when my aches and pains have a can-do attitude.

The Recovery & Re-Entry
Speaking of recovery, Tuesday though Friday were recovery days of easy one-hour runs. I felt really good by the time I got to Friday. Swaggy and I did a late afternoon run in our crazy Ohio weather. We ran in T-shirt and shorts in 73-degree weather and by the next day it was snowing. Yes, Ohio has been using medicinal marijuana. We’re not sure what we’re going to do about it except maybe get the munchies.

The bad thing about recovery is that it always ends and this week it ended with a jerk much like when you slam on the brakes.
Saturday, the next training block began with a two-hour run that included two 30-minute intervals of slightly faster running. Yes, it was just as hard as you imagine it might be. And I questioned if I can keep this up.



But then I thought that Sunday would be easier because we were “only” doing a 3-hour run. All week I had considered this to be a gift because the Sunday before we did a 4-hour run. I was wrong. I was so wrong. After the first 90 minutes it was just hard. We had lots of hills mixed in and while I don’t run the hills, you still have to climb them. By the end I am sure my walking was far faster than my running. I was beaten by those “mere” three hours. I keep re-learning the lesson that you never underestimate the distance.

I am back on the training regimen until we taper for our first event on April 8th. No time to slack off. As of this morning, I’ve racked up just under 330 miles and it feels like it.

I am sticking with my stability training and jumped on the acupuncture train again last night for some needling. It’s good for the soul/sole. Here’s to finding out what the rest of this week brings.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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