The Fun of Inside Jokes

Everyone has inside jokes with family, friends and/or spouses. It’s part of what makes those connections fun. With the lift of an eyebrow, the catch of eye contact, you know what the other one is thinking — immediately.
Often these jokes can be relived through a word or phrase.


Home Depot
My husband, John, has worked at the same home improvement store for about 5 years. And it’s a running joke that he works at Home Depot. Why?
Because my Dad always refers to his place of employment as Home Depot. For the record, he’s never worked there.
I have long since quit correcting him but I do sometimes wonder if he’s talking to someone else named John at Home Depot and he thinks that’s my husband.

John recently started a new job and while it’s not at Home Depot we continue to refer to it that way. It hasn’t stopped my Dad so far.

The sports network gets a lot of play at my house but years before I met my husband or likely even watched the channel, ESPN was able to trigger laughter with me and most of my family.
My sister, and I will leave it at that to protect the innocent (or guilty), was upset about something. I can’t remember what but keep in mind this event occurred probably three decades ago so the peripheral details are fuzzy. But in the heat of her argument, my sister announced with emphasis she did not have psychic abilities. But what she said was “I don’t have ESPN!!!”
While she was still indignant, we, as you can imagine, were all bursting into laughter. So if you say “I don’t have ESPN” to anyone in my immediate family it will get you a guaranteed laugh from most and an eye roll from the anonymous one.

Make it happen
My mom is a details person. Always has been and I am sure that’s unlikely to change. But when she delegates a task to you her desire to know the intricacies of getting said task done completely vanishes. Once she’s passed the baton on to you, she’s known for saying “Just make it happen.” Often this is accompanied with a dismissive wave if you are in her presence. She’s ready to move on to other things.
In those four worlds she’s told you it’s on you. She doesn’t want to know why you can’t or why it’s hard. Just do it and don’t screw up.
My dad is probably the one who hears this the most when he’s been recruited for some project usually at someone else’s house. But we’ve all gotten the memo and once you hear JMIH the conversation is over. In fact, at times if you are on the phone with her the line goes dead after this. Apparently, JMIH is a directive and a salutation in one. Efficient that one, isn’t she?

As you can imagine whenever we say this to each other it’s accompanied by a little giggle.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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