Torture Report: Brain Strong, Body Weak


(G): After such a solid restart, I managed to follow it up with a dismal week in the physical conditioning department. Things started out with great promise. I knew I was leaving town late in the week for a conference so I front-loaded my week getting a 13-mile run in on Tuesday.
That was a little rough after my 20 miles a few days before but I was focused. At least I thought I was.

Then Wednesday arrived and nothing happened — at least nothing exercise-related. I was trying to squeeze in extra appointments to make up for being gone and get packed for my Thursday departure.
It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that I was able to get a quick walk in with a coworker along the waterfront in Boston. It was a beautiful day and great weather but my time was rather committed.

I was surrounded by amazingly talented and gifted coaches who are all doing inspiring work. Being in their presence was an education in itself. At times I was sure that I could feel my brain growing but I was getting more out of shape with each passing hour that I sat on my rear.

My view while I simultaneously shoveled guacamole into my mouth.

Saturday afternoon, I had big plans to get a longer run in but instead I only did 4 miles. I cut my well-intentioned workout short to go exploring with my work buddies and had a blast. The three folks I went out with are fascinating and it was a real adventure in hearing about their lives.

Now I can’t totally let myself off the hook for skipping workouts because my co-worker, who is a great runner, managed to run all three days. He even logged a 15-miler Saturday morning by getting up at 5. I am going to chalk that up to him being a faster runner and his shower and prep time post-run is minimal since he’s a guy and he’s bald. (Possibly, I am just lazier)

Finally, yesterday, I got back to it with a 5-miler and a good strength training circuit. My plan is to hit it hard though Sunday and then the taper begins for our 12-hour on October 1. Yes, that’s right, we have a race in less than 2 weeks!!

While I was giving you my tale of woe about how I didn’t have time to run. I did manage to go out to awesome restaurants, do a little tequila taste-test and also get a mini-course on bourbon. It’s possible that my priorities were a bit blurry.

img_6074 img_6079

But while my body atrophied, my brain got stronger at the Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conference. I have books on my list that are must-read and some new skills I can’t wait to put into practice. Overall we’ll call this week a wash on fitness but a win in learning.

But this is the torture report so enough of the learning, it’s time to workout!

(L)  Very rarely do I not have something to say, but this week I don’t have a lot of exciting news to share.  I mentioned this to G as I was writing my torture report and she agreed that she felt much the same.  Then I read her blog and thought, “that is you not having much to say?”  She has a way with words and I’m sorry, but when you start your week with a 13-mile run, how bad can it be?
I started my week with a 5-mile run/walk and then a 3-mile walk in the rain/fog.  I did get my new kicks and my feet are so much happier.  In fact, even my back is beginning to feel a little better.  Maybe my previous pair of shoes had been remodeled a little more than I realized or perhaps my needs are changing as I get older.  You’re right, it’s probably just a shoe issue.
On Saturday, I planned a long run on the trail, but opted for a couple loops around the neighborhood with the hubby and the dogs.  Well, they did one loop with me and then I dropped them back at the house for another few miles.  Fortunately, the weather has been beautiful for most of the week and the forecast looks fantastic for the next 5 days!
What is on the agenda this week?  I have a much lighter schedule so I am planning to get to the trail more often and really get some longer runs in.  I know if I get some double digits in I will feel a lot better.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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