Torture Report: Jedi Mind Tricks

(G): There is something to be said for this notion of “Do or do not.” Last week, I made working hard seem dreamy and exciting. I implied setting big goals is exhilarating and fun. It can be but the reality is it’s a little less pie in the sky and a little more pain in the a–.

An actual pain in the rear… and the hamstrings, lungs, hip flexors, neck.. You name the body part, I probably felt some protest from it.


All week long I was tired and staying focused on the goal proved to be difficult. In fact, my dear friends, part of what kept me on task was that I put in print my plan and I know some of you read it and hold me to my word. I really try to hold myself to that as well. Yep, that’s where that damn Yoda becomes a problem. No try … Only do?
By Wednesday, it was clear that getting through the week was going to require Jedi mind tricks or good old fashion relentlessness. Eight miles on Wednesday didn’t happen without fatigue. I don’t really have mind tricks but I do have denial. I denied I was tired, I denied that it hurt.. Until I was done. Then I realized I still had a strength training routine to power through. A river in Egypt was sounding better. Ugh… Really? Why couldn’t I have made a plan to eat a doughnut every day? I would do it! I swear!
Thursday, I planned for six miles of speed work and it was utter misery. Breathing felt a lot like Lowi once described drinking a Cosmopolitan — burning hell down her throat. Burning hell in my lungs for six miles. This all seemed appropriate since before I started running John sent me a text message pep talk: run like your hair is on fire.

IMG_0772 IMG_0769

Hair, lungs, throat, fire… Close enough.
The weekend’s miles rounded out with 16 total including a hard 10 on Sunday. While I ran well it hurt a bit. Not like burning hell so that was a relief.

I’m on an official taper now leading into a race on Saturday but staying true to my plan, I strength trained hard yesterday anyway. The miles drop but I am not dropping the proverbial ball. There is no try… damn Yoda.
Where was Yoda and his mind tricks when I made all these glorious plans?

(L)  I told you last week I had all of the tools and I was ready to train.  What I forgot was that I was not in shape.  My legs and body, however, did not forget.  That first training run was HARD!  So was the second and third. I did not want to keep going, I wanted to quit, but I committed to you and myself and and I have already registered for that pesky Nashville Ultra. So, I kept trying.

Why does it hurt so much in the beginning?  I want to be past this part and I know the only way to do that is relentless forward motion.  Yesterday, I ran and walked 4.5 miles.  It was beautiful out and while I was still really tired, I kept going.  I keep telling myself that tomorrow will be better and it will.

I also continued to work on the arms, legs and abs in the gym.  It is safe to say that everything hurts right now and I think my oldest summed it up best when she said, “I feel like I am moving through molasses right now.”  Yes, that is exactly how I feel.

One day last week I ran on the treadmill since it was raining outside.  Stevie Nicks was not impressed nor was she happy that we weren’t outside running.  She loves being the leader of our little running pack; me, Samson and her.


She prefers full contact workouts like I had after my run yesterday; push ups, crunches and yoga are her favorites.


While I may not be in the same place as G, I am working toward my goal.  Physically it doesn’t feel good right now, but mentally I feel like I am getting back in the game.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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