My Hope


After the last couple of weeks looking at the state of our country I was quickly starting to feel that everything was wrong. And there is so much that is need of attention, care, change and most especially love.
Witnessing the intense level of strife and its aftermath play out on TV and social media made me feel that all is lost. Hope is gone. I was left questioning if we’ve lost our soul. And that fear left me panicky and scared and searching. I am searching for a way to do my part to turn the tide.
I think to myself maybe:
I can look up from my phone and smile at the person across the room from me.
I can greet the stranger I pass in the parking lot and make genuine eye contact.
I can chat up the cashier at the grocery store.
I can wave the mom and her jog stroller across the street who’s waiting to continue her run.

And then hope starts to peak through whether it’s because I am looking for it or because we are ALL looking for it.
I start to see the goodness in people in the face of immense darkness and grief.

I see the closeness of my own community. As a yoga teacher, our class attendees have woven together into a family. They may only see each other at class but their care and concern is no less real. Saturday I got a text from a fellow yogi letting me and another instructor know that he’d seen another classmate who’s been going through cancer treatment. We’ve been holding him in positivity, light and prayer for weeks.
Our friend finished cancer treatment recently and he and his wife are beloved members of our yoga tribe.
I loved hearing he was out and about and doing well. But almost more my heart was warmed that they were so happy to see each other and that they wanted to reach out to let their yoga teachers know, too.
I feel so grateful for this community that’s grown around yoga and more importantly, people.

And then I read about nuns in Cleveland wanting to help show the city’s best side for the Republican National Convention. Their plan is to ring the city with hand-holding Clevelanders and surround the community in love.
A human ring of love. Hope begins to grow.

We are lost as a nation in many ways but this gives me hope that we are not too far off the path. Also this weekend my niece headed off on a return trip to Haiti. She took her first trip last summer on a medical mission. While she went with an open heart of service. She, instead, will tell you she was served, she was blessed, she was met with open hearts.

Open hearts lead to open minds to open agendas for change. Change for the better, change for the betterment of every person, every heart, every soul. This is my hope.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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