Torture Report: Deja Vu

Off the beaten path, keeping it on the trail makes me and my legs happier.

(G): Did I mention last week that I am out of shape? I didn’t? Well let me tell you, I am!! Woefully, painfully, and sadly, I am out of shape. It seems like we’ve had this conversation before. How does this keep happening?
Everything this week felt like I was dragging a wagon filled with dirt behind me. However, when I looked behind all I found was my own booty. That’s what was dragging.

Here’s the thing. When you take nearly two weeks off the first week back is tough but you’re just trying to get moving. The real tragedy is week 2 when you try to do all the different kinds of training you were before your hiatus.

That’s what happened to me this past week. First there was a day of hills. It was all uphill, physically and mentally. But I regrouped and then Wednesday it was time for speed intervals and strength training again. I thought, OK I had one hard day under my belt, this day had to go better, right?

Actually it didn’t. On this particular day I was trying to run fast while dragging a wagon AND my jiggly rear. Oh heavens!

By Friday I was feeling all this strength training but I got another good session in and was even more motivated after I noticed my jiggly arms and thighs. Aside from that I am desperately in need of some color. Note I didn’t say a tan. First my legs would need to achieve a color of paleness as currently all my veins are visible and I am nearly translucent.

Needless to say this was early on in the miles.


Then it was the weekend and time to accomplish a distance longer than 6 miles. I felt a little daunted to be truthful. I got 8 miles in but it wasn’t pretty and it was not easy. I followed it up on Sunday with a little over 9 miles. I ran 5 and it was so pretty I walked another 4-ish. It felt pretty good to get out in some sunshine and move.

And then yesterday it was all strength training and suffering again. Wait, this sounds familiar. Haven’t we been here before?

(L):  Clearly G and I are related as we continue to circle the same drain…or trail if you will.  I am happy to report that the sun did rise and indeed shine down on our fair city for the entire weekend.  It was glorious to bask in the warmth and quite frankly all I wanted to do was lay my sorry self down on the patio and drink it all in.  I did, however get outside and take my butt on 3 miles each day.  I also continued to work on my squats and abs.  I need help people because my muscle tone is, well, less than toned.  How did I get here…again? Ask G, she apparently has been “here” before.


Now if G would just send her dirt draggin’ wagon to find me and bring me back to the land of the fit I would be very grateful.  Help!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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