Life Lesson: Get Outside and Live!

I did something radically unusual yesterday. I ate lunch outside.
You, likely, are thinking what’s the big deal? And, technically, it’s not other than I never take the time to do that.
I work from home at times and I certainly have the freedom to eat my lunch anyplace I like and yet often I find myself eating in front of the computer, or eating while working on something for later in the day.
Like many of you, I work through lunch. Don’t get me wrong I never miss lunch if I can help it but I usually don’t stop working.
But my husband yesterday was texting me from his part-time job at a local golf course and he kept raving about the nice weather. He was telling me that sunshine was “making everyone delirious” and how “awesome” it was.
And I thought, why am I not outside at least for a little while?
So I made myself a quick little stir-fry and put myself on the front porch for lunch. It was a beautiful day, not quite 70, breezy and refreshing.
I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face, take in the fresh air and just be. I didn’t have the TV on, I wasn’t listening to music, I was just sitting there because I could.
Some of my golf course delight photos from Swaggy J
I could’ve stayed out there all day and waited for a drink to be delivered to my cabana but I wasn’t poolside, I don’t actually have a cabana, and I am not sure who would’ve thought to bring me a cocktail but a girl can dream.
When I went back to work afterward I felt so good. I was relaxed and happy.
We ask ourselves this question all the time: why don’t I do (fill in the blank) more often?
Why don’t we? More often than not the thing we are questioning is something small like eating lunch outside, getting a manicure on occasion, or a massage, or having lunch with a friend.
Why don’t we do these things more often? But what I really think we are asking is why don’t I LIVE my life more often?
Ouch, that kinda hurts when you say it, doesn’t it? I am not living my life often enough.
I’d love to say that this epiphany sponsored by sunshine has solved all my problems and my priorities are now in order. Meh… maybe a little more. I can say that on the days I am home for lunch I am going to spend more of them outside than in. We’ll start with that and see if it leads to more serious corruption like working on my computer outside.
Baby steps.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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