Thankful Thursday: Gilmore Gratitude


It is the littlest things that make life sweet, isn’t it?
This week, I’ve been feeling a mix of emotions. I am relieved that our kitty cat, Basil, is showing good signs of getting back to normal and feeling better. But I am also disappointed we are not starting 3 Days at the Fair 72-hour race this morning. We were looking forward to it but life had different plans. I believe in signs so there is a reason we weren’t meant to be there this year.

Clearly, the universe knew I needed a boost and I got it. Into my inbox came a delightful missive that brightened my mood merely at the recognition of who it was from. Then the words that followed included a comparison of me and our mythical guru Lorelai Gilmore and my spirits are lifted.

What? I remind someone of Lorelai?? This is the compliment equivalent of winning the lottery.
For clarity sake, I do realize that Lorelai is not a real person. OK a small part of me believes she does exist in some parallel universe.

However, for the Gilmore Girls fans out there, you get it. We ALL want to be Lorelai, even Rory does!

But what’s even more powerful is what happens when we follow our intuition. My email friend said that she’d been thinking about me and after several days decided she needed to drop me a line. How many times have we all had that experience where someone is on our mind, our heart and yet we don’t heed the call to connect?

I know I have. Sometimes I act and sometimes I don’t. And yet this week someone acted and I am grateful to be the recipient of knowing someone is thinking of me. I am grateful to know someone thinks of me with kindness. I am grateful to have a friend like that.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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