Torture Report: War Wounds & Indecision

(G): Last week was a high, hard mileage combo and I survived!!! That’s really all I can say. All week long I felt thoroughly exhausted but I powered through and Sunday I gave myself a break and walked my 10 miles instead of running. It ended up being a nice way to wrap up the 46-mile weekend especially since we had gorgeous Easter weather and a high of 75!
From now until mid-May all my high mileage is going to be on race days. Please remember that I use the term “race” loosely. I should start calling them event days as that’s a bit more accurate.
I am starting to feel refreshed after a rest day and looking forward to the next several weeks of fun and adventure. But you may wonder, on occasion, what war wounds you pick up along the way. OK maybe you haven’t been wondering but I will tell you anyway.


Not typical for me but given some soggy terrain a few weeks ago I developed a pretty nasty blister and with more time on my feet than not it’s been slow to heal. So I feel like I’ve been walking around with a hole in my foot. I’ve been putting duct tape on it while I run but eventually my foot sweats enough that it starts to shift. Here’s to hoping it heals soon.


This has long been my nemesis and a little more difficult to avoid than the blisters because it happens before you know it. You’d think fabric from your clothing slicing through your skin would make more of an announcement but sadly not until you jump in the shower post workout do you know. YOW!


This is often more about how many you have left during race season. Currently I do have all 10 but they aren’t pretty and some and in varying states of regrowth or revolt. As John likes to say we will never be asked to be foot models unless we are the “before” photo. John recently lost his right big toenail but because I like you guys I will not be sharing that photo. Eeek!

So just in case you were thinking that ultra running sounds fun be sure you know what’s ahead and afoot.

(L)  Hmmm, as if having my own toenails at various degrees of regrowth wasn’t enough I now have G’s training horror story to remind me of why I haven’t signed up for another ultra!  Just when I was sitting down to register for all of these races that have April 1st deadlines I am reminded of how hard it actually is to train.  I really should just be G’s hype girl.  I could do that well.


This last week I spent a few days in Nashville where it is definitely spring.  I so enjoyed the trees that were in full bloom as well as the 65-degree weather, especially since Colorado was getting a BLIZZARD!  My daughter has an awesome running trail right outside her apartment so I was able to get out there and show off at sea level.  Oh how I love oxygen! It does the body good!  My 19-year-old actually had to ask me to slow down.  Okay, maybe it was due to her short legs and not my speed, but it still felt satisfying.


Of course, once home I tried really hard to dislocate my shoulder by falling down the stairs. Nothing like a little tumble to bring you back to the reality that you are not 20 anymore.  All is well, just a little bruised and sore, but I will survive.

Now for my race plans…I am undecided with the exception of the Slacker in June and the Nashville Ultra Marathon, which is in November.  I am still up in the air about the New Jersey 3 Days at the Fair.  I am looking at airfare, etc… I mean why rush it when I have until Friday to decide?!  The idea of hanging with G and Swaggy J for 3 days in a tent sounds pretty amazing though, right?

I will let you know next week what I have decided…

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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