Simplicity as a Spiritual Practice


When you focus on a way of being it’s amazing how it shows up everywhere.
All month Lowi and I have been dialed into the concepts of simple, simplified, simplicity.
What I didn’t anticipate was that just because I am working on simplifying my life doesn’t mean everyone else is. Over the weekend, I had the realization that simplification is a practice. It’s not a destination. Much like a mindfulness practice, just because I want to limit the drama, the clutter and the unnecessary doesn’t mean those I interact with aren’t drama-seekers, hoarders, and over-complicators.
Therefore simplicity quickly becomes more of a spiritual practice.
I cannot control my environment all the time. But I can be in charge of the approach I take to it. I can determine my perspective.
Simplification, I’m learning, is all about what’s happening in my inner world and how that affects my outer world. And how I let my outer world affect what’s happening in my mind.
It’s funny the more I realize I cannot control life the more I learn I can be in charge of my experience of it.
Simple, right?
Yeah, not for me either so I practice on.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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