Torture Report: Toughen Up, Sleep Well & Eat Bananas

A moment of zen along the water
5 miles in and Swaggy J is already a muddy mess.

(G): Last week, I dropped a jar on my bare foot. It hurt like when you stub your toe and you have that millisecond delay. You know, the space of time that’s just long enough for your mind to say “Oh crap, that’s really going to hur…OWWW!”
That’s how it went down with the jar. It was bad enough that I momentarily contemplated boycotting marinara that comes in a jar.
Then I thought maybe just wearing shoes in the kitchen was more practical.
Anyway, the jar-dropping incident captures my entire training week. In a word: pain.

I told you how inspired I was by Krissy Moehl’s book and basically how I wanted to be like Krissy. I failed to consider that she is a professional ultrarunner, younger than me, blonde, and likely weighs about 55 pounds less than me.
I think all these, except the blondness, make a difference. I am not totally willing to rule out her hair color providing some sort of secret boost either.
I trained on Tuesday and Wednesday harder than normal weekdays. I hit the speed work so aggressively that six miles left me sore for 2 days.
And then Friday arrived and I did not forget that I had pinky sworn to all of you that I would walk 10 miles leading into the weekend. This, of course, all in an effort to start putting together three long days instead of two.
That part went well enough. I walked 10 miles as I was “easing into it.” I felt good and the next day John and I went to Highbanks Metro Park. Unlike the last time I was there, John gave me a pass and said we could walk the hills because 18 miles is far enough.
My thoughts exactly.
Well it was a muddy, dreary, overcast day that ended in a steady rain for the last 2 miles. It was a rough day but as with any kind of run like this once we got to the halfway point it started to feel better mentally. And it always helps to have company instead of running alone with your own crazy thoughts.
After 4 plus hours we were headed home.

How do feet get so dirty when wearing shoes and socks?

I was sore and tired and certainly had no trouble making friends with Mr. Sandman on Saturday night.

I got up Sunday and started to prep for my 10-mile effort. I got out on Heritage Trail and was sadly met with another overcast day but I was ready to get it done.
I started out a little faster than I’d planned. After running on the trail and in the mud being on pavement makes you feel like you’re a speed demon… at first. Since our first event of the year is on pavement, it’s time to toughen up the feet and the joints with some road work. It’s not my favorite but it must be done.

Just after hitting the 7-mile mark the mileage of the last few days started to catch up with me. I was done. I walked a bit but then I started to get really cold and it was time to push the pace and get back to the car. Time for the big guns. No more listening to Marianne Williamson and thinking about peace and love. I needed a little rage and my first thought was Foo Fighters.
A shout out to Dave Grohl for getting the “best” out of me in miles 8, 9 and 10.

(L)  Holy Smokes! G knows how to make a girl feel like she might as well have stayed in bed this week!  Speaking of bed…the other night I was awakened by the fact that I could not move my leg!  It was one of those weird moments where I tried to roll over and yet my leg, or more specifically my knee, would not allow it!  Initially, I thought my leg had perhaps fallen asleep or something.  I reached down to feel my knee and try to move it, which resulted in seizing pain.  I did manage to roll over on my back and as I did I felt something pop in my knee. Never good, but again I was laying down for heaven’s sake.  Eventually, I was able to massage my knee into submission, stretch it out and get up and walk.  Phew! All I could think as I laid there unable to move was that this was not going to make for a cool injury story.  How does one go to the doctor and say I was injured while I was sleeping?  I told G I was pretty sure I was dreaming about running the Hardrock 100, which was the first ridiculously difficult race that came to mind.  She didn’t buy it! Anyway, whatever ailed me in the night has disappeared, thankfully, and hopefully never returns.

My big accomplishment is that I have walked/run for a solid month without any days off! Now granted I am not doing 18 miles of hills, in the rain and mud, but I am pretty happy to have a consistent work out.  I have also been doing my 30 Day Yoga Camp with Adrienne. Samson has really enjoyed the addition of yoga after our morning walks.

Despite what this looks like…it’s yoga!

I also got my new running shoes this week so maybe I will start to increase my mileage and my pace!  Although I am not quite ready to muddy my new kicks like G.


As luck would have it yesterday I was driving with the windows down and one of my old favorite running songs came on the radio; Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl.  It always makes me want to get outside and test my limits…and eat bananas!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


The Torture Report began in January 2014 as a weekly update of our journey to completing a 50-mile race. Since then it’s continued on to become a chronicle of how we try mightily to find fitness, health and sometimes the finish line. We aren’t always successful but we keep showing up and telling you all about it on Tuesdays.

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