“Clutter isn’t just the stuff on the floor. It’s anything that gets between you and the life you want to be living.” Peter Walsh

Sometimes our lives are messy and they feel out of control. That means it’s time to work on the things we can control…our refrigerator, our drawers and, yes, maybe even under our beds. I know, these are the things we put off because we know there are things we no longer need or want, lurking in these untouched, yet daily used, places. How is it we can open our refrigerator ten times each day and leave the bowl of leftovers from 3 weeks ago? Why do we leave the jeans that are too small for us right next to our workout pants day after day? What about the books and shoes that we have gently shoved under the bed only to forget we even owned?

Honestly? I don’t have the answer to why I do these things, other than laziness. I can tell you that as time goes by they make me crazy! It’s like I don’t even notice them for weeks and months at a time and then one day I wake up and I can’t stand it another minute. I start purging clothes and throwing things into a giveaway pile.

Last week, the universe stepped in and forced me to take a hard look at my refrigerator. It’s true. I was just blindly walking through my weekend when I opened the door to find that the raw hamburger that I had placed in there the day before had leaked…everywhere! I don’t just mean all over the shelf. I mean it had spread like an epidemic all over my avocados, apples and every single nook and cranny of that refrigerator. It was messy and, if I am totally honest, I contemplated veganism the entire time I cleaned that disgusting mess! After the bleach, disinfectant and an hour out of my day I stood back and admired my empty refrigerator. I refused to put anything back that wasn’t being used. I know that sounds obvious, but how often do we keep things that aren’t serving us?


That night, I reflected on my surroundings and vowed to begin a simplification process. I would go through each drawer, cabinet, closet and corner of my house and only keep that which has a purpose. I already know that many things will give me pause. I can’t possibly throw out the heart-shaped Barbie plates that my girls used for years. I know one day I will be blessed with a bunch of grandsons that will love those plates!  My hubby agrees that any grandson we have will love the Barbie plates.  Although he suggested that they might be used for skeet shooting rather than eating!


I can, however, make do without the broken, rusty tongs and the 15 vases that I own.

As each cabinet is purged I feel a sense of peace. Getting rid of the things we no longer need frees our spirit. I don’t want to be weighed down by expired salad dressing bottles, extra glassware and clothes that no longer fit.

Join us this month at Lowi and G as we find ways to simplify our lives.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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