When It’s Time to Leap!


I am being guided every day, every moment.
The problem comes along when I don’t listen or I think my own logic is more trustworthy than my spiritual GPS.
A few times my GPS has been so strong that I couldn’t even question it. I prefer it when that happens as it makes it easier for me to get out of my own way.
When I had the inspiration to leave my job and go back to school to change careers — total guidance.
On paper, it looked ridiculous. In my heart — total inspiration.
It’s the moments in life when you have no choice but to move, to expand.
If you didn’t you’d feel like you were suffocating.
But every choice to grow, to become more, isn’t that inevitable.
Then we need courage or a push.
That’s what leap year is for: jumping!
OK it might not be the real reason but who cares?
It’s a day or a year for taking risks, leaps of faith, leaps of intuition, leaps of inspiration, leaps of growth.
Years like this are scary, full of uncertainty, and yet you cannot deny you are being called.
And if you ignore it you will change the trajectory of your life for the worse.
This year I feel a bit like I missed New Year’s fever. I didn’t even get carried away by Chinese New Year. But leap year– it’s got my number #366.

I’m feeling leap-ish.

My heart is telling me it’s time to make a move.
I am not sure what it is but it’s time to grow. And in these moments it’s a jump first and hope you land on your feet second situation. In this kind of moment it’s best to turn off the brain and turn on the GPS. Recalculating.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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