Torture Report: Crock Pots and Platters


images-1The world of Lowi & G in the blogosphere has been on a bit of creative hiatus for several days as we are sure you’ve deciphered from our posts. Much has been going on.
In early December, when our Dad had his hip replaced we got exercise in unconventional ways such as hauling wood and attending to whatever needs our Dad had during the early part of his recovery.
Lowi and I are together again in Ohio but this time we’re getting our daily activity in the form of house cleaning, cooking, crock pot warming and cleaning, and moving platters of snacks to and fro. It’s not what we hoped would bring us together again but that’s how life goes.
But together we all are and we’re moving as a family both immediate and collective. We have one familial purpose: to support one another. Sometimes that load will feel immovable and other times it’s as simple as offering a hot cup of tea.

Today, we may be taking our steps in high heels instead of our usual bare feet or sneakers but make no mistake those steps will be getting us where we need to be. Our workout today will not be getting us closer to a race but instead closer to moments of peace and acceptance.

In life, like in ultras, relentless forward motion is the only choice.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

2 Comments Add yours

  1. gretzmom says:

    you are all where you need to be, doing what you need to be doing. peace.


  2. Kelly Scott says:

    I love you girls. Learn from gma gertie, take care of each other. Wish we could have talked more. I had to get back to work. I will call your mom this week and go see her. Take care girls.


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