Torture Report: Renewing & Taking Our Time



(G): The time of renewed resolve and promises is here once again. It seems like it gets here so fast and yet a 30-second plank takes forever.
During December we took a mini-break from the blog and from formal training. We, in fact, were on holiday, not the kind you imagine and that movies are made of but “holiday” all the same.
I have been healing up and, as hoped, started the new year ready to train. I’m completely out of shape. I haven’t run any serious distance consistently since August so my base, as Swaggy J refers to it, is nonexistent.
As Lowi shared yesterday, she’s easing into the new year instead of trying to create an instant revolution in her life just because the calendar says so.
That’s not only stressful but no wonder rumor has it that by January 22 resolutions have long been kicked to the curb.

As a Brené Brown follower, devotee, (OK stalker), I’m starting to believe that much of us approach the new year with resolutions that are based on shame. We are shaming ourselves for all the ways we fall short, all the ways we don’t measure up.
No wonder we fail, our whole premise is based how much we suck, how unworthy we are.
I may need a hand getting off my soapbox. I don’t like heights very much.
As I was saying before I got carried away… We are easing into 2016.

We have goals but we’re taking it a day at a time, a moment at a time, in the hopes that the intoxication of the new, shiny year will have worn off by the time we get down to the real business of resolving our challenges, attending to our needs and intending to be better.
But equally taking the time, a pause, to acknowledge I’m doing pretty darn well right now.
In fact, we ALL are.
I have some good thoughts about my year. I like where my mindset is. I have started my vision board. I have a theme but I’m going to hold off sharing it. I am going to marinate on it another week. I still have 50-plus weeks to go so why rush it?

What I can tell you, because I already paid the entry fees, is I am doing two 24-hour races in April and to prove we have truly lost our minds, Swaggy and I are doing a 3-day race in May.
We may nap then for the remainder of May and June but the first 4 1/2 months are bound to be worthy of Sunshine & Sarcasm. Maybe mostly the latter.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G 

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