Entering 2016 With Intention


Somewhere in the space between Christmas and the New Year I began to realize how I wanted to enter 2016. I didn’t want to jump with both feet like I usually do. I wanted to ease into it. I wanted to be intentional about my goals and thoughtful. I wasn’t going to force my list of New Year’s resolutions down on a piece of paper just to get it done. I was going to be purposeful about the process and give myself time to decide how I wanted my year to unfold, what I wanted it to look like, and what I wanted it to feel like.

Maybe if I started thinking about it earlier I would be there by January 1st. Let’s face it though when you are doing your current year it’s not easy to think coherently about the 365 days that are somewhere off in the distance.

So here we are in the early days of January without a proper list of resolutions. No map. No new gym membership. Do I feel lost? Maybe a little, but I also feel like Thelma and Louise with the top rolled down and a great stretch of road ahead. The possibilities are endless yet I refuse to get caught up in the chaos of indecision.

So, what do these early days look like when you are strolling into a New Year with reflection, purpose and intention? There is the usual chaos of the family still being home on vacation, but I am stealing moments to write, walk outside, read, meditate, research and plan. I have races and ultras I want to register for, changes I want to make, words needing to be written, and many unspoken goals that are calling to be accomplished. As these goals and resolutions take shape I will write them down, visualize them, create a plan and be sure they fit into my life. You may hear about a lot of them. You may not. I am not letting myself off the hook. Let’s face it, writing them down and publishing them in a blog did not make them all happen.

We grow by trying new things. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed. What I have learned about myself this last year is that my goals must fit into my life as a whole, not just my little piece of the world. My goals also must reflect who I am and who I am working to be. I can’t commit to running an ultra if I am not willing to commit to the weekly mileage it will take to accomplish that goal as well as the diet it will entail to make my body work optimally. I realize this sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at how many of us don’t think through our resolutions fully.

How many years have you resolved to eat healthy only to wake up on January 1st with empty bottles of champagne and a houseful of friends who want bacon, eggs and pancakes? My point is it takes thought, intention, and planning.

This is why you will see me moving into 2016 with ease and grace. I already know what my first week of January looks like and it is not meditating on the top of a mountain alone while a chef cooks up a healthy, delicious meal for me. I’ll give you a few hints about what is happening. Chaos still abounds, but I have already registered for a half marathon, I am contemplating an ultra, there is a lot of writing happening at Lowi & G and we can’t wait to share what transpires with all of you.

Speak it. Keep it. Believe it. Accomplish it!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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