Life Lesson: My husband Is a Star with AARP

That’s quite a vest …

My husband, Swaggy J, has always been one who older ladies really like. I guess I shouldn’t say older. They are older than me but so is he so maybe it all evens out 🙂

Anyway, over the years as he’s changed jobs or locations at the same job I have met his co-workers, sometimes ladies, that I have heard many stories about. Eventually, I will roll in to work one day, say hello and have more than once been greeted with a once over and a less than approving expression.

And when I am really lucky, one of these ladies has made comments like, “Oh, YOU’RE John’s wife?!”
As you can see, not going well.
This past week was no different.

I went into Lowe’s to pick up some more supplies for our ongoing home improvement project. I handed the cashier my employee discount card and she says “You’re with John?”
She kinda threw me off at first because I was alone so I was thinking “John isn’t with me?”

But my brain dead moment passed and I realized what she was asking.
“Yes, I’m John’s wife. Do you know John?”

She says yes so I figure, incorrectly, she also knows his quirky sense of humor so I dig the hole, that I have apparently already fallen into, deeper.

Swaggy J mugging with a cardboard cut out at work. Quirky, right?!

“Well be sure to tell him you met his wife and he’s very lucky.” I laugh and let’s be clear, I was the only one.
I am sure there is a life lesson in here somewhere but I am not sure what it is. In the meantime, I will just be happy that John is like LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool John, for all those who don’t know how LL got his name).
Apparently he’s in demand with the AARP set.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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