Thankful Thursday: Thanks for the Sole

This week I said some goodbyes in my life. I have a hard time with farewells but especially so when I’m parting ways with ones who’ve:

Supported me
Carried me
Cushioned my hard steps along the way
Protected me through my stumbles and propelled me to my greatest personal goals

We’ve spent countless, untold hours together without a single complaint or falter.
This week I said goodbye to my running shoes.

My two pairs of sole friends have done their job and leaving them behind is a mix of emotions.


I am always excited to buy new shoes… what girl isn’t?

But I also feel kinda sad when that time rolls around.

These shoes, in particular, have been with me through my hardest, most challenging and telling moments this year. They were with me every step, literally, through:

Land Between the Lakes 60K
The relay at 1 Day for the KIA
Outrun 2015 and my quest for 100K
Another Dam 50K
and our valiant attempt at Vegan Power 50K

Yes, you remember the day when I put a mismatched pair on and went out looking like this.

IMG_2027 IMG_0668

But they were with me through the less exciting parts: the training. They got me through the all-day slugfests out in the snow; endless ice-filled days that lead me to the treadmill; the days where I didn’t want to run but I didn’t want to quit either.

There aren’t many people or things you can say stay with you throughout… but the shoes did.

After so many miles, around 800, you know how the shoe feels, supports you and how it likes to commune with the ground. That matters when you’re a runner.

Much like I have new goals for July and the rest of the year, it’s time for new shoes to carry me there.

So thanks to my sole sisters, who I am retiring, and welcome to those I haven’t yet met. I am sure we’ll be SFF before we know it. (That’s Sole Friends Forever, if you don’t speak my language)

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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