Be Kind

It’s easy to be kind. It’s free, it benefits everyone and it’s fun!

Lowi and I spent the last several days together with family and friends celebrating her daughter Sydney’s high school graduation. And in the midst of the celebration we were witness to many kindnesses offered by friends, mentors, family and otherwise.

Lowi & G with the graduate 🙂


Just a few of the highlights:

Sydney’s vocal teacher, Marcus Gresham, arrived at her party with music in hand to help her show off her voice with his piano accompaniment. He is an amazing pianist and vocalist himself but graciously gave her center stage.

_DSC0294 (1)
Marcus and Sydney.

Many party-goers left Sydney some great, heartfelt “tips” about life and her upcoming journey. More than a few were funny but equally so they were written with love and thoughtfulness.


Her sisters, Alex and Reese, continue to show her unwavering support and love as she is about to embark on a music career in Nashville. They are possibly her biggest fans and it’s wonderful to watch them as they interact with one another.

Alex, Sydney and Reese!

As you start the week with a holiday, it’s another reminder to take a step back and consider how you can show a kindness for the sake of being kind.



Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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