Torture Report: Wonder Woman Has Limits, So It Begins

(L) The much pondered and long-awaited answer to my decision about the Outrun 24 2015 has been made. I officially bailed out of the race yesterday. G called almost immediately after the email had been sent to the race director. It’s like her radar was on high alert. She responded by saying she knew what my answer was going to be two weeks ago! Seriously? She could have let me in on her little psychic intuition. I mean as of Saturday I was still struggling greatly with this decision. One minute I was thinking about my youngest having her 13th birthday, my middle’s senior luncheon and her big music gig that weekend…then I would switch to how much fun we had last year, wanting to continue training and doing something for myself. At the end of the day though I decided there would be plenty of time for races and this is my final season for some of these milestones. So, I guess I will have to put my motto away for this season.


So, what am I doing right now for training? Well, I still plan on running because I want to do the Slacker half-marathon at the end of June. Also, with all of the craziness happening at my house I will need the therapy…I mean exercise, to keep me from going over the edge. Not to mention I don’t want to be as big as a barn by June! I have also been thinking that without having to run LONG runs I would add a more serious weight lifting program to my schedule. Don’t ask me what right now. One step at a time folks.


(G) Rumor had it that this was a recovery week. Someone forgot to tell Saturday.
We had a warm up to 39 degrees. Now, while that was great, it wasn’t a true 39. With winds of 16 mph and some gusts that were stronger it was cha-cha-cha-chilly at times.
But the sun warmed the snow just enough that flooded areas that had frozen over were giving way at the most inopportune times. Translation: Foot in hole of freezing water.

Wet feet in snow tends to be a bit of an eventful time that I could’ve done without. We returned back to our car with 1.4 miles left to hit 10. We hoofed it the rest of the way on the pavement. Slackers, I know.

Earlier in the week it was the usual suspects as I try to get faster (fruitless effort), better at climbing hills (with a posterior like this I should be) and run longer intervals without walking.
But all that is on hold for the next week as I gear up for our first event of the year. Land Between the Lakes 60K is Saturday.

I would like to remind all of you that I signed up for this in a weakened condition in November. I was post-race and under the weather and Swaggy J (then Johnny Armani) put this registration form in front of me and told me to fill it out.

I did. So really, it’s his fault.
So here’s to a new year of fun adventures and since Kentucky has received more than its fair share of rain and snow in the last week it might be more than we planned.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

The Torture Report began in January 2014 as a weekly update of our journey to completing a 50-mile race. Since then it’s continued on to become a chronicle of how we try mightily to find fitness, health and sometimes the finish line. We aren’t always successful but we keep showing up and telling you all about it on Tuesdays.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Annie says:

    Looked up the course, and found this humorous phrase: “…proceed past the sailboats…” Hold on to that optimistic thought!


    1. G (of Lowi & G) says:

      Yes let’s hope we’re near the sailboats. We may be on an alternate course due to all the rain and snow melt. We shall see 🙂


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