Surrounding Yourself with Love

One of the greatest parts of focusing on self-love this month is the idea of surrounding yourself with love:

People who love you
People you love
Environments that feel loving
Participating in activities that you love
Telling those important people that you love them and how you feel.

It’s funny, in February, we are often only focused on the big pronouncements of love: boxes of chocolate, roses, nice dinners. And there isn’t anything wrong with that.

But lots of loving things you hear/see/experience aren’t that obvious unless you are looking for them; open to them.

It doesn’t always have to be big, bold gestures. And we aren’t always paying attention or looking for them. It’s the difference in two basic mindsets:

Looking for what’s wrong
Looking for what’s right

When I spent time this past week looking for ways to be more open to this I discovered that a lot is, well, right!

It’s often in the simple, little things that the “right-ness” show itself.

  • Having someone reach out an un-gloved hand in below-zero weather just so they can hold yours.
  • A friend wishing you luck on an event even though she can’t be there.

But I easily could miss it if I wasn’t paying attention. I could dismiss it if I decided it needed to be more. (And I am sure there have been many times I have overlooked it)

It’s not about making something out of nothing and pretending it’s love. But think about the things that you do every day that are, on their most basic level, motivated by love.
You pack lunch for your kids or spouse (or both). Now sure you want them to eat but when you really get down to it you spend the time because you love them.
You make sure your family has clean clothes in their closets because you love them.
You spend some time making cookies for someone for no reason… yep, you guessed it, because you love them.

If these seemingly every day things are how you express love it’s probably how those in your life send you the same message.

All Sunshine,

Lowi & G

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