Life Lesson: Resistance is Futile

You don’t have to be a Star Trek fan to have heard the saying, “resistance is futile.”


This week’s life lesson is to stop resisting. I had a conversation with a woman who I have only recently become acquainted with, but she bestows her wisdom each time we speak. We were discussing the issue of being overcommitted when she told me that the best thing to do is stop resisting. She explained that, in her opinion, the idea of resisting was wasted energy and instead we should be receiving the energy from everything we are doing; soak it all in. She believes that each commitment and encounter is an opportunity and experience that we need to take in.

So this week, I challenge you to not only be present, but to consciously open yourself up and breathe in the life and positive energy of those around you. Soak it in, experience it and when the time comes…exhale and breathe life into the really important moments.



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