Life Lesson: What Feels Like Criticism


It’s been an unusual week with lots of lessons on dealing with criticism or sometimes what feels like a judgment when it may be something else altogether.

As I am sure you aren’t, I am not a fan of critique, feedback, constructive criticism… whatever word or phrase you give it, I call it: awful.

It always feels like it cuts too deep, too sharp, too quick.

Earlier this week, someone I hold dear was dealing with the feelings that come when you feel you are being criticized or told you’re not good enough. This is often toughest to take when we’re putting ourselves out there, taking risks and being vulnerable.

Our first reaction is to lash out in frustration or anger but then that really doesn’t make us feel any better. It just hits the temporary release valve. But after the initial outburst we then feel bad about that, too.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine and I hosted a workshop on wellness. We were really excited about it but in the end we only had a small number sign up. (And we certainly appreciated those that attended, to be sure.)

On the surface it’s not really what one might define as criticism. It may be, as I mentioned, something else altogether. It could be that many who would otherwise be interested have a previous commitment, can’t take one more thing on, or just aren’t ready.

Who can argue with any of those things? Certainly not me. And further, all those reasons and many more have nothing at all to do with me.

But standing over here in the cold wind of “putting yourself out there” it feels eerily similar to criticism, to not good enough. And it may be all of those things for real.
This week the life lesson I am struggling to learn is just because your latest bauble hasn’t caught others’ attention doesn’t really reflect on its value.

Plus, if you are going to create a blog about being honest, raw and authentic sometimes life delivers you the same.
And with that you must deal.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


There’s still time to sign up for our live call Tuesday, Feb 17th. Find all the details here.


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