Wait…We Are Doing What?

Feb 17th Life Lesson Live

So, by now you have probably seen that we are doing a FREE, LIVE EVENT on Tuesday evening (6 p.m. MT/8 p.m. ET).  If you haven’t signed up it’s not too late.

Still on the fence?  Not sure exactly what we are going to do on the call and you don’t want to be put on the spot?  No worries, you can just call in and listen if that is what floats your boat.  After all, G and I don’t need anyone else on the call because we could talk for hours without any input.  However, we would love to hear from you.  So, basically after you call in (we will send you the info when you email us at loriandang@gmail.com) we will do a little introduction of ourselves and then begin talking about our agenda, “fitting your life, into your life!” We will pose questions for you to think about and some of you may feel the overpowering need to answer…some of you may not.  That’s okay, because we will send your the questions after the call so you can keep thinking about them.

The main thing is that we want to start a conversation.  Perhaps G and I will be having that conversation alone on the call and that’s okay because hopefully, you will still get something out of it.  There will be serious questions, funny stories, perspective changes and sunshine and sarcasm.

Hope to see you there!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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