Thankful Thursday: Love Outside The Box

This week we were saddened by the death of the young female aid worker, Kayla Mueller. I have read a lot about her over the last couple of weeks and while it’s always a tragedy to lose someone so young, it seems even more senseless when we hear of someone who gave so much of themselves. So often we become desensitized to the horrible news we are bombarded with daily, but this has struck a chord with many.
Typically, when I read a news story I never look at the comments because they are always full of haters. For some reason I read a few of the comments. Of course, this new article was no exception. Yep, there were haters and people commenting about how she shouldn’t have been providing aid outside of the US because there is so much need here…

There is need everywhere.

This Thursday I am thankful that there are beautiful, giving, selfless people like Kayla Mueller in this world. People who are willing to go outside of our borders, if necessary, to care for those in need. People who are willing to step outside of their box because that is what they are called to do.

My oldest daughter is beautiful, giving and selfless and she, too, feels led to go outside of our borders and help those in need. It has been on her heart for some time. This August she plans to do just that.
I am scared to death. I would like to to tell her she can’t go, but how can I dictate someone else’s calling?


Instead I stand in awe of a heart so full that it cannot be contained by a box.

With a Grateful Heart,


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