A ‘Boundless’ Project of Awesomeness!


Two specific ideas regarding 2015 rolled around my noggin the last several weeks of the year. Both had promise and usually by the time December hits I am starting to think about the new year because many races require some pre-planning and entries are due.

With the hype of a new year, my husband and I set a theme for our running season. It’s a way to focus our efforts of how we want to work on ourselves in respect to our races in the upcoming year.

Last year, with the big goal of 50 miles the theme was “Epic.” How could it not be?

I have some pretty lofty hopes for 2015 so it felt like I needed something that matched. In the end, this year’s theme was inspired by a show on Esquire Channel. It follows two guys who participated in all kinds of extreme physical events like ultra races, mountain biking, snowshoeing etc. There wasn’t anything they wouldn’t try even if they weren’t sure if that was possible or not.

The show and our theme for the year is:


The other idea I had was too good to let go of, so I did both. Set a theme and… created a project.

I decided that I would put all my goals, intentions and aspirations for this year into one cohesive package so they were connected, made sense to me and it was clear how they all built on each other.

The project was inspired by an article in Runner’s World by Lauren Fleshman (p.s. she is co-author of a new journal out called Believe: Training Journal. I got it for Shakira for Christmas and she gives it “two hips” and they don’t lie 🙂 )

She was talking about “The Awesome Project.” I loved the concept and at first I thought that would be my theme for the year. But the more I mulled it over I thought it’s really more like just the title for all the things I want to accomplish or work on this year. I flipped the title around to fit my needs and Project Awesome was born.

Little did I know with a little New Year’s high and Danielle LaPorte “Desire Map” inspiration it would turn into a vision statement on steroids. It’s a life manifesto. As Lowi would likely tell you it got a little out of control and that’s also probably why I like it. I will spare you the details but suffice it to say there is a document out in the world (OK just in Dropbox) that commits me to all kinds of personal awesomeness 🙂

You should try it.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,


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