A New Year, A New Week, A New Perspective!

I had the privilege of being in the mountains for 2 weeks over the holidays. It was peaceful, snowy and I loved every minute of it. Although, we still had to do laundry and clean up it’s different there. There isn’t the everyday maintenance and stress that we tend to get caught up in when we are home.


However, when I returned I was two weeks behind on everything. The bills needed to be paid; the house, which was clean, was instantly a mess because we came in and dumped everything; it’s dusty and there are Christmas decorations inside and out that I am ready to have put away.


I came home ready for a fresh new year with my resolutions packed firmly in my back pocket only to realize that I can’t fit everything in!

Priorities and letting go are my life lessons this week. The house is a MESS, the laundry is overflowing, everything is dusty, the Christmas lights and wreaths are still hanging outside and I have to take the car in, take one kid to the orthopedic doctor, go to a ski race 2 hours away and a volleyball game in the next two days. So, what’s a girl to do?

Run. Planks. Make breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pay the bills. Speak with a few clients, go to the pharmacy and only do what absolutely has to be done.

The rest can wait.

I am not good at this. I get anxious about the mess, the chaos, the to-do list, the fact that I have to leave for 24 hours again, but I am letting go. Only the important stuff this week.

Anyone else having trouble fitting it all in?  What are some of your strategies for fitting your life into your…life?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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