Duck Duck Jeep

Do you remember playing duck, duck, goose when you were a kid? Surprisingly, I have some distinct snapshot memories in my mind of playing that exact childhood game. I remember walking around a circle of kids slowly and deliberately saying, “duuuuuck, duuuuuck…” trying to figure out just the person to tap as goose and make my getaway around the circle and back to the open spot. 

Then you grow up and realize just how much of your adult life you spend thinking about a getaway. On December 31, 2020, I bought for myself the ultimate in getaway vehicles. I am not planning on committing a crime but it’s the best option for climbing mountain roads, traversing large fields, and plowing through snow. Yes, my friends, if you don’t already know, I bought a Jeep.

This purchase has been the fulfillment of a long-held dream. A white 4-door Jeep Sahara, in fact, has been on my vision board for 3 plus years. And it’s been in my heart for far longer. There were so many road trips and adventures I imagined myself having in this Jeep but what I never expected was that Jeep owners are quirky, somewhat cultish, joy seekers. And I mean all of that with a wink and appreciation.

Let me fill you in. While standing in the Jeep dealership last New Year’s Eve afternoon, there was a rather large cardboard sign educating new buyers of the Jeep wave. I will be straight with you, it seemed a little goofy. I thought to myself that surely this was a marketing ploy and people don’t actually do this out in the wild. Do they?

Well, yes. Yes, they do. There is a whole long history/folklore lesson about Jeeps and the military and frankly, I just won’t bore you with it but the gist is when Jeep drivers see another Jeep driver they give a wave, which is essentially flashing the peace sign while holding onto the steering wheel. 

John, my husband, was totally into it on day 1. I took a little longer to warm up to the idea. It seemed, well, a little cultish. So now because I dropped a chunk of change I belong to a club? I was suspicious. I was a doubter. But then after a couple of weeks, it started to grow on me. All these random folks waving to you feels good. You start to get the idea that if you were broken down on the side of the road another Jeep owner would likely stop and help you.

As the year has progressed, I have grown accustomed to the wave. In fact, I am often the first to wave. 

But last week, I had a whole new Jeep experience. I was at the park with a friend and when I returned to the Jeep there was a rubber duck on the driver’s side door handle. Just a cute little white duck with green and blue stripes smiling up at me as I unlocked the door. It gave me pause. At first, I wondered if this was some child’s misplaced toy? But then it dawned on me as I realized there was a Jeep parked next to me… this must be a Jeep thing. I hopped in and grabbed my phone to quickly google: Jeeps and Ducks.

Sure enough, Duck Duck Jeep is a trend. 

Yet again another backstory with mythology galore that boils down to this: Jeep owners leave rubber ducks on other Jeeps to bring joy. That’s it. The entire purpose, regardless of how much flair you add to it, and trust me some folks really get into it, is to spread joy.

You know what happened next, right? Yes, I bought rubber ducks and cannot even wait till I see a Jeep so I can “duck” it. All this time I have been mad at my iPhone for its incessant autocorrect to duck. I guess it may be right at least 20% of the time now.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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