Chalk Talk Buddy

A week ago I shared with you my penchant for sidewalk chalk. Since then it seems I have gained a chalk talk buddy.

It all started after I spent a Friday evening writing the words of Cleo Wade on our driveway. The week leading up to this brought disastrous news of the natural kind in Haiti, with an earthquake; and that of the human variety in Afghanistan. My heart was and still is heavy and I didn’t know quite what to do with it all. In a world that that’s on fire on multiple different fronts, both literally and metaphorically, it’s far too much for any one of us to hold. 

I did what I often do, which is take to the driveway to leave a message. 

While drawing on my driveway doesn’t ameliorate the world’s ills, it did allow me to regroup and refocus. I was reminded that I can do my part. I looked into organizations that I could support consistently to help women and girls, particularly in Afghanistan. I also, with the help of some activist posts, found a group within Haiti to support their rebuilding efforts and beyond. This also went a long way to put me in action. I think when there is action to take we often feel more productive, more helpful.

Monday morning rolled around and I walked outside to find that our condo-complex sprinkler system that runs about 20% of the time had opted to generously water our driveway. You know, you gotta keep that asphalt hydrated, or who knows how it will grow. As I was about to take a photo of my half-washed away driveway message, I noticed that someone had left me a message.

I got this note from Izzy. I don’t know Izzy but if I read this correctly, she thinks that my chalk is “awesome.” I promptly left a response of my own thanking her. Then the wheels started turning.  Maybe I should invite anyone in the neighborhood to leave a message, draw a photo. Let it be a graffiti-friendly driveway, why not!?  But my husband ended up with the genius idea. Tuesday afternoon he came home and said, you should draw a space on the driveway and label it Izzy’s Chalkboard, so our neighbor could share her thoughts or art. 

I loved the idea and quickly that evening went out to leave a chalky invitation to our mysterious friend. 

The next morning, our ever unhelpful sprinklers were at it again but you could still read the note so all was not lost.

Around noon it started to rain. I was on a work call so I just hoped that it wasn’t enough rain to wash my note away. When my call finally wrapped up the sun was out again. I headed outside to see if the driveway chalk had been washed away and instead what I found was this:

She drew a flower and left this inspirational message: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
Izzy even left me a note next to her art. I guess she thinks her handwriting isn’t up to par. I thought it was great!!!

I was beyond excited. I was expecting to find the rain had washed the driveway clean and instead I found a quote and a picture!! I quickly texted my friends and some of my family to share in the fun. Everyone loved it. We are all so parched for something to soak our hearts in some good that we clamor for any amount of joy.

Unfortunately, before the day was over another big rain came and washed it all away. There are times that the unpredictability of the weather really irks me and then I am reminded this is how it goes. Embrace the consistency of impermanence. Nothing last forever. Each time it rains, we have a clean chalkboard. We get to say something new.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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