What is my life telling me?

Do you ever stop to ask yourself, what is my life telling me?  I do, all the time. Yesterday, however, was exceptional. I am not even sure what it all means but I feel confident that it involves quantum physics, the Grand Unified Theory, or String Theory.

I barely even understand a Wikipedia summary of any of these concepts but that doesn’t preclude them from being at work in my life. Here’s how it went down.

Wednesday evening, I watched a YouTube video of Kelly Clarkson singing “The Dance” at The Kennedy Center Honors, which you should watch by the way. This led me to want to see the videos of the other performers who sang Garth Brooks’ songs for this event. I was relatively out of luck but that rabbit hole led me to Chris Stapleton singing “Shameless,” also a must-see and I am not even much of a country music fan.

This, however, prompted me to recall when Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake performed together. You know if you ask the Interwebs, they will deliver and soon we were listening to this Country Music Awards show duet, as it were.

None of this was weird, but WHAT IS WEIRD and has had me in a quandary is that Thursday morning I wake up to find on Facebook, the place where all real news is shared and propagated, that Jen Hatmaker shared this very video like 7 hours previously. What? It turns out she was there with her friend, Kimberly Williams-Paisley (you know how it is when your friends are famous 🙂

Jen Hatmaker, courtesy of Twitter

This show was in 2015 so why on Earth were Jen Hatmaker and I both watching it on the same night? Where is Einstein to unravel the tangled mysteries of the world when you need him? What is my life telling me? I have some thoughts. Here are just a smattering:

I am, in fact, Jen Hatmaker, and I don’t know it.

Jen Hatmaker and I are on the same energetic wave and a book deal of some sort is on its way.

I spend too much time watching videos on YouTube so it was bound to happen.

I have so many thoughts and questions, and I am still wondering what this clue is supposed to tell me. If you are a tea leaf reader or a dream interpreter, I will gladly hear your counsel on the situation.

For now, the working theory is that Jen Hatmaker and I are entangled energetically somehow in this life and she’s destined to be my friend — in real life. It could happen. Right?!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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