Edit Your Life

Sunset on Saturday night, while out on a Jeep thrill ride!

We have these moments on occasion with the blog when we have been so busy out living life that we haven’t taken the time to remember we are supposed to also be telling you about it.

Lowi came back to Ohio for a quick 37-hour visit for a family bridal shower and late yesterday we looked at each other with that panicked, “who’s going to write a blog” face. 

We have exchanged texts like this many times over the years, but it tends to be worse when we are together. We threw around all kinds of possible blog ideas about our usual misadventures on our drive back from the shower. But then once I was home and in some relative quiet, I realized this is exactly what we’ve all been missing since March 2020. We’ve been missing the opportunity to get caught up in living. Our blog during this time has consistently been a commentary on what it’s like to be out in the world, but of course, we weren’t able to be. 

Over the weekend, I saw this quote: “Instead of mindlessly getting back into the world, edit your life, decide what makes you happy, figure out who/what will get more/less of your time.”(@dr.bshabazz on Instagram)

We have heard the phrase “returning to normal” for months and months and honestly after a few weeks it simply never landed well for me. Anytime you go through something as dramatic as a pandemic, you can’t go back, there simply is no choice to return to your old life fully. You are different. Yes, maybe you still have the same friends, job, house and from the outside, it all looks the same, but we know, everything has changed. 

It dawned on me, it’s not a problem that we hadn’t written a blog yet or that there was the possibility that we wouldn’t. What we are beginning to encounter is the opportunity to edit our life, to re-enter the world fully awake and mindful. The capital T truth is that if we didn’t post a blog today 80% of you likely wouldn’t notice because you are busy with your own lives. Further, I can think of far worse reasons to not post a blog than we were having too much fun, in real life, with our people.

The last 14 months have given us ample space to consider our lives. Now is where the action will need to be chosen. Will we passively get herded back into our old lives, routines, and structures even though they no longer fit? Or will we be on purpose? Will we edit what needs it and make difficult but necessary decisions to grow our lives in the ways they are asking?

Over the weekend we spent our time laughing, driving around with the top off of the Jeep, eating pizza and waffles (not at the same time), and releasing most everything but fun. I didn’t work. I didn’t clean or check off any items on my list and it felt great. Productivity can be awesome but it’s not a life’s purpose and it doesn’t guarantee joy. We are in the process of editing our life. We are cutting out the nonsense and adding more fun. Most Mondays we’ll be here to tell you about it but sometimes you may have to wait until Friday. We hope you don’t even notice too much because your life edits have kept you focused more on living than “getting things done” too.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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