When Life is ‘Too Much’

Photo by Max DeRoin on Pexels.com

The storage space on my computer is critically low. So low, in fact, I can’t get it to boot up. I know those first two sentences do not seem like the kinds of things you find here with Lowi & G. In fact, you may have rubbed your eyes or did a double-check to see if what you were reading was actually from us on this Monday.

It is. This is not a drill. Unfortunately, this is the state of affairs with my primary computer. My lingering frustration is that my computer didn’t let me know that its memory was too low. It did but not in the overt way I would have appreciated, like a box appearing on the screen telling me: Delete some of the junk on this computer. We need some space.

Instead, it told me by moving slower, not wanting to download photos from my camera, and being a bit on delay. I spent the weekend lamenting this dilemma I have with my computer. Can I solve the issue with some Apple Support platforms and a prayer or potentially wipe the whole computer? These are the choices at my disposal. Neither one do I appreciate all that much. 

The more I pondered this issue, the more I wanted to go back to the last time my computer was operational and pay attention to the messages it was sending me. And overall, the message was, this is too much.

When I had that thought yesterday, I almost instantly felt a resonance with life as a whole. Who among us isn’t feeling like that? This is too much! I have been getting these subtle messages in all sorts of ways. I haven’t been sleeping very well. I have been distracted, even from things I enjoy. I have struggled to be motivated. Why? This is too much!

The world is chaotic and loud. I am not tuning it out and pretending all of the issues that we have individually and collectively aren’t happening. But I do need to learn how to consistently gauge when my bandwidth is critically low. I am not sure we appreciate the sheer volume of input we receive on a moment-to-moment basis. Then add in social media, the news, your mental chatter, and the volume of stimuli can overwhelm the system. 

Much like you, I have several demands on my time. I have a steady stream of requests and expectations from others and then pile on my standards for myself and it’s Jenga: The Life Version. 

I don’t believe I am ever going to strike a balance in life as a static state. But I do need to learn how to better meet my own needs. We make these rather simple issues so complicated. I am tired, get some sleep. I am hungry, feed yourself. I feel like I am overwhelmed by all the things that feel wrong in the world, take a step back to get some perspective. Take a break from the onslaught. If you’re like me, you tend to logic these needs by questioning, Why am I so tired? Didn’t I just eat? Why are you feeling so stressed?

Fatigue, appetite, and perception of stress are linked to how well I am caring for myself, regardless of my judgments about it. 

The limit to what I can hold in my brain and body at one time is limited. On Friday, my brain and my computer were sending the same message. It’s too much. The most logical device in the world, a computer, even has its limits. What on earth would make us think that humans are above that?

When you meet your limit, or better yet, well before that take a pause. If it’s too much, or not enough, listen to those messages. Let’s not wait until it’s our human system that doesn’t want to boot up. We can be a little tougher to reset. 

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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