Keep It Light

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Lowi and I are the yin and yang of blogging. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I do every single week. Each time I sit down to write a blog a thought goes skittering across my mind: keep it light. And then as if a spelunker to a cave, I go in deep, dark and seemingly alone. Before I know it I have written some heavy, introspective tome that even my husband has a hard time hanging in there with me.

As I have shared before, he often says something along the lines of “babe, write something fun,” and then he smirks and walks away. I have learned he smirks partially because he can’t help himself and the other half because he knows the words come to me, they always come to me, but they don’t always spell fun. Basically, what I am saying is he is mocking me but in a cute, smart@## way.

And Lowi, while also thoughtful and introspective, finds a way to keep it lighter, she has a softer delivery. She’s a hard act to follow, to be honest. After her little gem on Monday about laughter, I feel the pressure to bring up the rear of the week without being the donkey.

Keep it light. Don’t end the week on a downer. Be funny. Say something short and sweet. Be bold, be bright, be brief.

All of these little pep talks and yet still my brain and heart are full of so much and the truth is much of it is heavy; much of it is soul-searching, much of it is self-reflective. I write daily and it’s sometimes like an unending flood of words, and thoughts, and feelings, and confusion, and frustration, and anger, and grief at how complicated life can be. And yet, when I think about sitting in a room with my sisters for 30 minutes and not being allowed to speak so we can win a million dollars, I giggle.

I feel relieved, OK I do have the ability to giggle still intact. What is it about words that sends my brain into some blackhole of thought? What is it about the physicality of typing a blog or writing longhand in my journal that punctures the deep recesses of my inner world?

I don’t know.

I tell myself again, keep it light, I keep reminding myself: nobody wants to read anything heavy, life is heavy. Nobody wants to read about your deep thoughts, they have their own. Be funny.

I scan what has happened this week. I consider telling you about how awkward I was and felt getting my mammogram this week. Umm, no that’s not exactly funny. Then I consider how freaky it is that I sometimes open my eyes in the middle of the night and there is a cat silently staring at me and I wonder, is she plotting my death? Did she just put her paw in my mouth?

No, that’s just weird and gross, that’s not funny. OK what else, what else? I saw 8 deer in 30 hours at the park and I am 72% convinced I am a deer whisperer and that the deer at the park know me. No, that makes me sound like I’ve lost my marbles, OK. OK. Think! What can you tell them that’s funny, light and airy?!

Oh wait, it’s Friday. This is the end of the blog. You’re welcome!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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