Our Life Force

My fingers were poised over the keyboard, just like my piano teacher taught me, and I nearly typed the sentence: It’s been a week…

And quickly before the thought got from my brain to my fingers, it got caught up in my funny bone because, really?! It’s been far more than a week!

When I considered what I might want to share with all of you today, I had the thought I almost always do. It’s more of a goal but as hard as I try, I often fail at accomplishing. It’s this: Write something fun and light-hearted.

In real life, I think I can be both but I am also a thinker but maybe not in the way you may imagine. I can be a worrier, an over-thinker and a ruminator but I am also a ponderer. I like to roll ideas around in my head, consider them from all sides. I get down the hole faster than Bugs Bunny. It’s a gift.

And the marble that was endlessly rolling around for me recently was about our life force. This is a concept familiar to those who teach and/or practice yoga. The words often used are prana, chi, or qi. But basically they all mean the same thing. I looked it up just for clarity sake:

vital energy that is held to animate the body internally

It’s about our essence, who we are on the inside. And I think most of us, if not all, have considered this in our own ways during this year. What is keeping us going? Can we go another day or week or month like this?

You may be asking yourself, I thought she was attempting to be fun and light-hearted? I know! This is how it happens every time. I think I am laying the foundation and then my typing fingers take me to another place altogether. That, my friends, I think is what our life force is like.

The moments where we lose, or better yet, release the illusion of control. The places in our life where we feel so comfortable we loosen the tension on the reins and let life take us. That’s how I feel about writing. It’s something that I enjoy immensely and yet often don’t give it a lot of thought.

It’s like Gabrielle Bernstein says, we only worry about the things we have no faith in. I have faith that the words will come. At times they come like a direct download and it feels like I am merely a conduit. Those are the times that I fully understand what it means to just get out of the way, get out of my own way.

And I am coming around to the realization that our life force is wrapped up in that cosmic mystery. If we get out of its way, it can deliver us to where we so desperately want to go. But we believe we have to muscle it, force it. We believe we have to make it happen. Life force isn’t about making things happen, it’s about allowing our vital energy to do its thing. It is in us. If it was meant to be in our grasp it would have been handed to us. Instead it’s infused in us. It’s teaching us the seemingly ever-elusive skill of letting go.

It doesn’t mean we are giving up. It means we are giving it up.

Which brings me back to fun and light-hearted. What if we let go a little and let life move through us? What if even this didn’t have to be so hard?

I heard profound wisdom during a class earlier this week. A woman shared she was watching a baseball movie and the coach said, “try easier.”

What if we tried easier? Like I try easy with writing and you may try easy with baking, or cooking or singing or gardening. Learn to try easy with the things that you want to grip and cling to in order to get them to bend to your will.

Maybe all your life force needs is to be freed up so it can animate all of us internally. Try easier.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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