It’s May…I think.



Does anyone else feel like April has been the longest month EVER?  We have all been on lockdown for so long that it is beginning to feel like the norm.  We have no idea what day it is, what week we are on and if we have already eaten dinner?  And let’s be honest, who couldn’t skip a meal or two at this point.


We have been present and in the moment for so long that we barely know our way out of that Dorito bag, I mean, our home.  Many of us have gone through several phases over these last 6 weeks ranging from high productivity to full on Netflix binges, but have you actually been present?  I don’t just mean physically there, but fully present in what is happening.  Have  you taken the time to look around and take in your surroundings, the people you are quarantining with, the mood?  Can you sense the joy, sadness, boredom, anxiety in your home or even in your own body?


Being present is about being in touch with what is happening inside and outside of yourself in this very moment.  It’s not about numbing yourself out with Netflix, Doritos, alcohol or even excessive amounts of exercise.  It’s about noticing when things are trickling to the surface and taking a closer look.  It’s about asking yourself why you want that entire bag of chips.  It’s about noticing that there are feelings involved and perhaps dealing with them rather than stuffing them down.


This month, we will be addressing Being Uncomfortable.  To be honest, we wrestled with this one because let’s face it, we are already uncomfortable.  This entire situation has been uncomfortable for all of us and why would we want to further explore that?  Ultimately, we decided that if something good can come from being at home and having more time on our hands then we should look at it, try it out and see what it feels like.


I think most of us think we have been “present” and “uncomfortable” for far too long.  Many of us feel overwhelmed with this place we are in. I get it, it’s no fun and it’s not what we are used to doing.

For years, I have heard people say they wish they had more time. Well, we have the time.  Our collective  wish was granted and a lot of us are piddling it away with Tiger King.

It’s May.  It’s time to get real and ask ourselves what is going on.  It’s time to put the bag of chips down, stand up, brush off the crumbs and take action. It’s time to dive into this idea of being uncomfortable and figure out what it is.

So, get ready to get a little more comfortable with being uncomfortable and maybe by June we will all have a little more clarity.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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